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  1. I need a Pin up girl. . .

    I'm George. I am relatively new to the forum, though I have posted before, I recieved some emails regarding what I was doing, so here it is. Don't laugh too hard. I am intrested in micro miniature R/C. And I pursue cardmodeling for that goal. Right now, I have built several FG models quickly 1 evening or less to test card weight, model weight, printers, making moveable surfaces etc. My final goal will be to do a build thread of a show stopping scale plane with some or full detail and have it R/C. (For any question re: the R/C part email me. I won't dwell heavily on that.) The equipment is available at and, as well as others. I will show what I have been doing. . .

    View attachment 12502
    This is a p6e that I upscaled and aded wire for the landing gear and balsa to the wing but I put it away, too much non paper. . .

    View attachment 12503
    This one was to test some carbon fiber for the landing gear and I used tape for the control surfaces...weighs 12 grams, good candidate. . .

    View attachment 12504
    This was a test for weight it is a candidate. (note the flames and hole put in by my 6 year old.)(he tests all my "toys" for durability. . .:)

    View attachment 12505 here are control horns and moveable surfaces that I liked View attachment 12506 although I am not crazy about the dr1 from FG, I think I may use the sero version I like much better. . .
  2. I need a Pin up girl. . .

    Any body tell me how to make it smaller? I made them TINY FILES! Sorry for the big pics. . .
    Disregard I figured it out. . .
  3. I need a Pin up girl. . .

    I liked the idea of a 4 motor R/C so I tried this. . .
    View attachment 12509
    and I used tape for the control surfaces, but after seeing what you all have done, I think If I choose this one, I will do all paper moveable controll surfaces (Not the 6 yearold helping dad color the work!):( View attachment 12510
    I saw the Stuka threads and I would like to do a Stuka R/C also so this is being tested too. . View attachment 12508
    And I like the skyrocket so it has a chance too!
    View attachment 12511
    View attachment 12512
  4. I need a Pin up girl. . .

    This is a test for pic size and a plane I rejected, Didn't build the way I liked, tho with added dehidral it glided rather well. . .nice toy for the kid. . . View attachment 12498
    Ahh thats better. . .
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  6. I need a Pin up girl. . .

  7. I need a Pin up girl. . .

    I collect z scale marklins...nice to meet a fellow z scaler. . .
  8. I need a Pin up girl. . .

  9. I need a Pin up girl. . .

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    Looking great there! I really cant wait to see how it all progress's!
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    Of course I'm for using the Stukas for RC, but what RC equipment is that small? What kind of air time are you hoping for? This is a fascinating aspect of paper modeling. Not my thing, particularly, but really cool nonetheless. The Stukas have that extra stability from the built-in dihedral , you know!:wink:
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    nice work man

    i also fly a RC models and also built a paper model
    never tray yet to make a paper model into RC MODEL
    my work kill me now i work more than 12 in 1 day and not mach ti me to hobbys
    i wish 1 day to make my oun c47 into rc model :)
    and i whant to tray next to make GILDER into RC also :)
  13. Lex

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    Nice work! I'm watching this thread closely.
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    Could you list the RC parts? I'd like to get a sense of what it would take to build one. Thanks.
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    R/C candidates

    Nice work on these models, especially the funky Skyrocket. You might have some balance issues with that one, though.

    If I was going to try R/C with a FG model, I would pick one in which the airfoil is one piece, since minor differences in shape can cause lift issues. You might try a model of a plane designed to fly slowly and with a wide margin for pilot error for your first attempt, so you can concentrate on rigging the mechanicals, then concentratibg on performance. The FG Piper Cub is the one I would try first; and it's free and yellow...:) Also, the Renard monoplane is a recent introduction that has a nice, fat fuselage that gives you room to fit your mechanicals in.

    In short: make it fit, make it fly, then make it fast! Good Luck!
  16. I need a Pin up girl. . .

    Thanks, I even added abit more dehidral. . .The batteries should last 5 to ten minutes or more, the smaller the plane the shorter the flight, the larger the airframe the bigger the battery and longer fly time, till I upgrade to the Brushless which is a power hog. . .
  17. I need a Pin up girl. . .

    I didn't want to tick anyone off by bringing too much RC here, the idea is to make the cardmodels, but the rc equipment I currently have is microinvents reciever and actuators and 50-130mh lipo's from bsd, the motors are geared up micros and I have some handmade light brushless. My Radio is futaba. I am not promoting the website, but airmidimicros, bsdmicrorc, and microinvent websites have much rc info.
  18. I need a Pin up girl. . .

    You are correct. I have had issue with the airfoils and wings. I found that in some cases I had to modify. I am using brushless for themore scale planes and I am hoping that the increased power will over come the short commings. But that is why I am testing the models. After I build them strong, I add clay in the gr amount of the gear and balance the plane. Then test by gliding, which is basically tossing it to my son. When I get good stable glides then I move on. Obviously the liberator and the c47 were best, but bigger then I really want. . .
  19. I need a Pin up girl. . .

    I am glad that you all seem to like it. I will try to stay to the cardmodelling tho. That is what I find the most fun! I am waiting to get a hold of the Gigant! I bet that will FLY! But I may have to scale it down for that....:)
    HEY CHIP! WHERE'S THE GIGANT!....:) (I am impatiently waiting for that beutiful model!)
    Golden Bear
    Thanks for the comments. The work I showed doesn't compare to what you all have shown and done. . .yet...:) As I said these were fast to test. Boy is it hard to do show quality work. . .
    The skyrocket has already been damaged. My son played with it and broke off the step and a propeller...but that was least these things are kid tough....:)
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    Great idea you have on RC these models!

    Everyone here has a gift on cardmodeling, and yours is adding up the treasure chest of gifted people.

    Keep it up!

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