Don't know which decoder for this MP-15DC loco

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by CAS, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. CAS

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  2. Meiriongwril

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    Who's the maker? If I recall there are two different makers of this loco (?)
    I'd contact the maker - many are pretty prompt about replies and have contact email addresses on their websites. Try googling the maker's name to get the website.
  3. CAS

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    It is made by Atlas. I will try to google.
  4. railohio

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    It says Atlas right at the top. The "150" in the Walthers' product number is also a clue to that. If you haven't purchased the locomotive yet Atlas also sells them with a Lenz decoder already installed.

    Also, Atlas makes the MP15DC and Con-Cor makes the MP15AC. They are two entirely different models that are easy to tell apart.

  5. CAS

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    I already did purchased the loco awhile back.

    I did a google search, but no luck. I guess this loco will not be able to run on my layout. Time to buy some loco's, DCC equipped loco's. I don't want to buy a decoder, if i'm not sure it will work in this loco.

  6. Bikerdad

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    NCE makes a drop in decoder for the Atlas MP-15DC, the NMP15.
  7. CAS

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  8. CAS

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    Finally received my decoder, , it took about 3 weeks for me to receive it. It didn't take to long to install it. It being my first decoder installation. The directions weren't very clear, on what end was the front, or the rear of the decoder. I did install it correct on the first attempt. :) I really can't beleive the incredible crawl speed it has.


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