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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Mauiman, Jan 20, 2009.

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    Hello all. I believe that I do have something to contribute to the threads rather than being a dead beat and not show any thing.

    This is a card model of the US Airways Flight 5941 which just recently crash landed in the Hudson river in New York.

    The main purpose of this one is to honor the bravery and excellence of the pilots that made sure that the thing would be safe which resulted in all of the passengers and crew to still be alive and ticking today. I have made the model which was quite a big ole pain in the @#$% but it looks like it payed off very well. How ever I don't have any pictures of the model but I have the sheet that I have edited from the pattern that the Airigami people have done.

    Thanks and here is the sheet and pictures will be soon to follow.

    Till then. Enjoy making your own model of the incredible but true story.

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  2. Mauiman

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    Well I am back and I have decided to give them all to you in a zip file so I have them all in here. And yes there is a cat in the pictures because he has just decided to show up for the photographs.

    The pictures were taken with my cell phone and I think my printer is going out on the fritz on me. However all in all it was fun to do. I also apologize about not having any construction pictures because I was hard pressing to get it done for tomorrow.

    It is being hosted off site because it is too big to be supported by this site. Flight
  3. exzealot

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    Thanks for the aircraft model! I was wondering how long it would take for someone to draw this up.

    I couldn't open the link, so I am going to try and copy/paste it in the browser and see if that works.

  4. exzealot

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    I tried to paste the url into the browser, and I get the Freewebs site, but not the model. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

    Also, if you are offering this model for free, you might want to ask Chris at ecardmodels to host it for you.

  5. cmags

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    I was able to get to the zip file, but it only contains pictures from Mauiman's build. The model is in the first post.

    Canon carries a much more detailed Airbus A320 model, in two paint schemes:

    It should be a fairly easy repaint. US Airways doesn't have a complicated paint scheme:


    The hardest thing I think will be finding the proper registry number for Flight 1549 (not 5941 as the OP stated).
  6. Mauiman

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    Now that is a much better picture. Thought the blue that I have seen on the engine cover was just a part of the inside. What I only had for reference is the wreckage sitting atop a barge on the Hudson river from the local news paper. And yes I did botch up the flight number a bit for which I am sorry that I have done that.
  7. cmags

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    No worries, it's just easier to find reference material with the right flight num. ;)

    If anyone knows of a middle-ground complexity Airbus A320 model between Mauiman's and the Canon 19-page model, I might give the repaint a go after I finish my Grumman Goose. I don't think I'm up for a 19-page model yet. I don't have that kind of attention span. sign1
  8. Mauiman

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    Here is re-vision 1.0 which for the most part the coloring is more accurate. I have even re-worked the tail, and the winglets on the tips on the forward wings.

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  9. Mauiman

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    FYI This is the before and you are seeing the After. Yes I am a little bit of a cheater but I am not that advanced with making my own designs quite yet which you can see that with the Airigami logo on the corner of the print out sheet.

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