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Discussion in 'Architecture Models' started by eatcrow2, Jun 4, 2007.

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    This was from an on-going release, in I think my 2005 ABC subscription.. Each or every other issue they would add another piece of furniture. There's three rooms that make up the whole set.. parlor... dining room.. and kitchen. When completed, they butt up to each other and are connected with fill in strips. Each room has a door leading into the next room.

    I started this some time ago, thinking that I would add a piece whenever I got the urge to work on it. At the rate I'm going, it'll be awhile before it's completed (if ever).. Was looking at it last night, and decided to add something to the kitchen. The wall rack that pots and pans will hang on..

    Here's the kitchen showing what I have already added before.. Stove with overhead vent.. coal bin with kitty litter painted black, for the coal..
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    Here I've added the wall rack....
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    That's neat. That ABC magazines has a lot of nice models, seems like.
    For some reason that reminds me of some contractors I hired once to do a remodel.:):p
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    I have thought for a long time about getting a subscription to ABC. How well does that work for you being in California?

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    No longer have the subscription.. Cost this year for re-subing was about $175.00 Too much for me considering the number of models I was actually building from it.. I have more than enough going as is...;-)
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    Just incase you dont have this link, This may help fill out your house a little

    Jim's Dollhouse Pages
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    Peter, thanks for the information. I have some friends in Prague, I think I will see how much cheaper it would be to purchase locally.

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    I think that would be the way to go.. Since there's two issues a month, maybe if they could hang on to the issues and then mail them out every four months or more, it would be cheaper?? From what I was told, postage had gone up and that was the reason for the increase in cost. Would be interested in hearing what you find out.
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    That is too pretty to call a doll house. It is more like a miniature house. Either way it is fantastic.

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