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  1. gbwdude

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    I always told my wife that if we became crazy rich that I'd have a crossbred dog... part Mastiff, part Chihuahua. It'd be the Mastiwawa. Or Chistiff. Or something I pull out of the clouds that day.

    Realistically though, I don't have a dog currently, but I want a German Shepard while my wife wants a Pug. Tell ya what, she is NOT getting her way on that one. End of story.

  2. rsebree

    rsebree New Member

    5 Dogs
    2 Cats
    1 Horse
    1 Mouse
    1 Tank full of Fish and Shrimp

    Our feed bills - Crazy
  3. micahrogers

    micahrogers Active Member

    Two dogs both chihuahua terrier mixes
    Santa Suzie.jpg
    don't have a pic of the other on this puter
  4. singlestrike

    singlestrike New Member

    I have a Central Asian sheperd dog

  5. singlestrike

    singlestrike New Member

    For those, who don't know what the breed looks like, here are some fast pictures from google. I'l add some of my own dog later.
  6. Burning Beard

    Burning Beard New Member

    Currently only have two dogs:

    El Deoglo (a boxidor, Boxer Lab)
    Buddy (a charbador, Char Pei Lab)

    One we lost last year was a real beauty, a dalmation, queensland Healer cross. One of the prettiest dogs I've ever owned and an absolute terror. Had an opinion about everything and wasn't ashamed to express it. Total strangers had to try to pet her, not realizing that it was a tad dangerous. Kept the other two dogs (not shrinking violets themselves) in a constant case of agitation. After all she knew all the rules, because she made them up.

  7. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Dalmatians have the most bites per breed of any dog in the U.S. My Dalmatian, Jesse was his name, lived a grand total of almost 14 years. He was a lovely passionate dog, that anyone could cuddle up to and play with. It took some serious domination when he was young to do that, but it was worth it. His snarl turned into a smile, yup, he smiled, and it was incredible. One of the greatest sense of losses I ever felt, the day he died. Pancreatic and liver failure. He was very old for a Dalmatian. He died about 2 months after my 25 year old Cat Carlisle, as in Kitty Carlisle, died. The two cuddled up and slept together for his whole life. She raised him in all actuality. Can't add my usual smiley face as their passing still saddens me.
  8. Diablo_Fire

    Diablo_Fire New Member

    My girlfriend and I have three Rescue animals a grumpy ole cat and a grumpy ole rat terrier and happy go lucky Chiau mix

    This is Moejoe my Rat Terrier, and my baby. When I got her her owner had developed som major health issues and could not take care of her anymore.


    This is Gizzy our other rescue dog he was wondering around the apartment complex that I was working at at the time and I was able to get him into the office the property manager was going to call animal controll and I told her I would take him home and find a home for him well almost two years later that two to three day stay has stayed longer and he is such a happy pup



    And here is how he looked when I brought him home all skin and bones with paws that were raw and sore for the concreat and asphalt.



    And here is both of the babies


    And I know this a DOGS thread but this is our third rescue animal a cat who was in a home with other cats and dogs and was on his way to the pound when my girlfriend rescued him.


    And we can't forget the first Moejoe, RIP, he passed away in 2006 at the ripe ole age of 14.

  9. Diablo_Fire

    Diablo_Fire New Member

    Now that sounds like a cute dog. I have had Rat Terriers for years and grew up with a Beagle and want to go back to a Beagle if I can.
  10. inky

    inky Member

    Here is my Child (dog) Harley, he is 9yo and is a Chug (Chihuahua/Pug). He is very vocal and has a funny personality. Loves to go for rides in the convertible, has to have his coffee in the morning, and loves to go to the lake or the beach and go swimming.

    Five years ago he caught an Amoeba in the lake and he almost died. The Amoeba killed his pancreas so now he is diabetic, he is very smart and tells me when his sugar is to high or low and when he needs a shot. And as I type this he is behind me telling me his sugar is up and we need to test his blood and get a shot.

    I love him more than any thing and he is very spoiled.

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  11. Diablo_Fire

    Diablo_Fire New Member

    You know that is the way I feel about my Moejoe she is more special to me than anything. And yes she is my child, when I get home from work at night she is so happy to see me even if my girlfriend is tired and crancy I can count on Moejoe jumpind and whining and crying and yelping out of happiness that it make what ever happened that day seem unimportant.
  12. kevlary

    kevlary Member

    My dog sadly passed away, it was a cairn terrier, some how they always no when your down, and there always around to cheer you up after a long day, what would we do with out are animals!!!
  13. marinesniper2008

    marinesniper2008 New Member

    i feel your pain i lost my papillon last april 28th 2012 i had to put here down my son still will not talk since that time, i have three other papillons molly,pipen,piper and maddy was my youngest she is the one i had to put to sleep/well my wife did she sent me a letter telling me what happened..... funny how they are as close to us as our children right...
  14. zathros

    zathros -----SENIOR---- Administrator

    My Dalmatian died about 2 years ago. In one year I lost the Dalmatian (Jesse, 16 ears old, Carlisle, my cat, 25 years old, her daughter Rambette, 22 years old (Cancer in her Jaw), her daughter Samantha, 16 (Pancreatic failure), all within a year and a half. The house seemed so empty, my wife and I went to the shelter and adopted and Mom and Son black cat pair, Abby and Dio, and a dog that looks like he is part Corgi, Dachsund, and Piranha.

    I have owned man many dogs. This dog is a jerk. It took me a year to come to the realization that he is one. He obeys every word I saw, but gets into the most precarious situations, he must by on a dog run, I cannot let him wander my yard, even though it is fenced in. He will sit on my chair when I go to watch T,V, and gets pissed when I tell him to move. This dog watches T.V. I kid you not. He steers on it, and occasionally, he sees something that scares him, and goes and hide. His name is Rhyse. I love him because he is a jerk and is the first dog I ever knew that would give me the finger if he could. :)
  15. micahrogers

    micahrogers Active Member

    your dog is like my Suzie... she will lay on the couch and watch tv... then jump up in my lap to tell me to rub her bellie... and would give me the finger if she could :p
  16. lalo

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    ... :mrgreen: All dogs are cute. He's handsome greyhound, the Bullterrier, the Chiuaua ... all. Absolutely everyone. Handsome and funny.
    Jorge. :mrgreen:

  17. endorphinfix

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    roll dead... protect the doctor good job K-9
  18. mikeee741

    mikeee741 New Member

    My dog eddy is no more.
  19. zathros

    zathros -----SENIOR---- Administrator

    Only corporeally!! :)
  20. tjbmurph

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    This is Maarten (pronounced Martin). She's a Border Collie/ Springer Spaniel cross. Clever and dumb as toast, if that's possible :)

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