Does miniature camera really work?

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by David Rosser, Oct 31, 2004.

  1. David Rosser

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    The latest issue of MR has an adv. for a miniature (@ 1" square) wireless camera that could be mounted in a loco and then beam wireless pictures to a VCR/tv.. Does anyone have any experience with such a set-up? Do you really get pictures that are "watchable"? Really curious, all info would be appreciated! Thanks in advance. Dave
  2. rcline

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    Hello Dave.
    The field that I work in deals with miniature cameras from time to time. My first question is, does the camera come with a signal receiver or decoder? Also, does it say anything about interference caused by such things as power transformers, florissant lighting or even PC's? Another thing that comes to mind is what kind of transmitting range does the thing have? (The better the range, the better chance you will have of less interference) Before you put out a lot of money, you should do a LOT of research on different models and makes that are on the market today. The types of cameras that I use in systems intergrations and manufacturing equipment run from 2 to 3 thousand bucks apiece. (Although you don't need anything that good) I'm sure that you can find several systems that work good for a couple of hundred bucks and that you should be really pleased with. So remenber, a lot of good research
    will save you a lot money and disappointment in the future.

  3. David Rosser

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    Thanks for the quick reply. The camera is listed at $59.95!!!!! That may tell me something about quality, range, interference etc., etc.! If it seems too good to be true, it probably is! Still, it is a cool idea. Thanks, Dave
  4. Fred_M

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  5. boppa

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    woodie has one of these on a flatcar-maybe he could give you some more details
  6. kchronister

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    I saw the thing demonstrated at the recent Greenberg train show here in NY. It definitely would NOT fit inside a loco. It was too big plus needs a battery (full size, we're not talking watch battery here).

    The one I saw started at $79.95 and was $99.95 with sound - though even the guy at the show admitted that "with sound" might get you a lot of motor buzz and other extraneous noise.

    The image quality was pretty darned good, though the broadcast range from camera to receiver was maybe 6-8 feet and might deteriorate over distance -- but the signal the hardware put out was OK. I'd characterize it as definitely better than your average VHS but not DVD. My friend and I were both interested enough to linger and discuss -- I'll probably buy one some time down the road once I get more scenicking work done on the pike (pictures of plywood and hydrocal not being that interesting...).
  7. shaygetz

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    I don't sell the cameras any more but still promote them for the company I bought mine from. Lighting is the biggest issue, without plenty of lighting the picture is dark. Check out this thread for some more information>>>

    JOE ALOIA New Member

    i recently purchased a mini camera,thru e-bay under "miniuture cameras". i paid $45.00
    for a complete unit,consisting of a camera(which i fit into a gondola car with the 9volt battery",a receiver,and the connecting adapter cords .everything is there for you.
    as far as quality of picture it is soundless, and the focusing takes some the car goes around the layout ,the focus is not clear ,untill you get close to a object.then its
    quite clear.for the money its well worth it
  9. Woodie

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    I sure do, and I reckon it's one of my best "toys" I've ever got. I got mine from Ebay (about $40 AUS) $30 US. I'm yet to flatten the 9 volt battery, and I've had it on for hours. :):) :thumb: :cool:

    If you look at my "My New Porche" thread, in photography, you'll see the TV in one of the pics with the pic from the camera on it.

    It does flicker a bit when moving etc, and is a bit finicky (fussy) where there is a high contrast of light and dark.

    It has a reasonable depth of field, but can focus right down to about 1 inch. Fabulous for placing it on station platforms, or lineside as well.

    The one I got came with two powerpacks (batter eliminators). One for the receiver and one for the camera.

    This is the EXACT one I got. (Ebay) Not that EXACT seller, but I got one from a local Australian Ebay seller. There is heaps of sellers on Ebay with them.

    Highly recomended. :) :thumb: :cool:
  10. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member

    If it's the same as the one I got, you can adjust the focus, by turning the lens on it's screw thread.

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