Does anyone know who has MRC Prodigy Advance in stock and for sale?

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by vanda32547, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. vanda32547

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    I want to buy the new MRC Prodigy Advance System for my new layout but can not find anyone who has it in stock for sale. :confused:

    Anyone know of a hobby shop, internet source, etc. that have these units in stock for sale right now?

    Thanks all,
  2. Bob, if your budget allows I do believe you will be far happier with the Advance, plus no reason to upgrade later. Tonys Train Exchange was taking orders on the Prodigy Advance and saying that they would be available in August, you may check with them.
    Did you see my reply to your earlier post about the Prodigy regarding sound?
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    Yes I did read your earlier post about sound and thanks for the info.

  4. vanda32547

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    Well...I placed my order for the MRC Prodigy Advance from Tony's Train Exchange...

    Well...I placed my order for the MRC Prodigy Advance from Tony's Train Exchange the other day. :D

    Now the question is...when will they be available for shipment? I anxiously await word that my system is "on the way". :)

    Has anyone purchased this new Prodigy Advance system and received it yet? Are you using it? How do you like it? :confused:

    I am so anxious to get started in the whole DCC experience and hope that I made a good choice for my maiden voyage. All that I have read about the new system seems to fit what I need now and in the future. I guess the next question will be what to do with my older Athern engines that are not DCC ready. Guess I will sell them on Ebay or something and buy newer engines that are either DCC ready or have the decoders in them already.

  5. Bob, keep the Athearn's I replied to your other post, so I won't repeat it all here.

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