Does anyone build larger scale armor

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by ulious, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. ulious

    ulious Member

    I'm playing around with enlarging some of mine to 1:6 scale.
  2. nebeltex

    nebeltex Member

    not many build THAT large, but some do. you will likely have the best luck enlarging something detailed and 1/25 or larger. there have been some amazingly detailed builds here in the armor section. worth checking out even with a slow etherlink. anybody have some recommendations? something we might not have seen built here before?
  3. Hank McCoy

    Hank McCoy New Member

    Hi, I hope you're still watching this thread. I started enlarging a Tiger I to 1/6 about a month ago. Very little info or responses to any of my requests, anywhere. I am documenting everything I do to a 2d computer program and am able to plot 1/6 plans of each part (perfect drawings vs fuzzy printer results) I do. I've managed to get a lower hull, cut and pinned together, many parts of suspension drawn and some of turret already. I havve intention to build from multi-media - Foamboard, insulating styrofoam, sheet styrene, etc. If you get this message, contact me at; would love to hear about your efforts.
  4. dkaniel

    dkaniel Member

    How about posting some pictures of your progress here for the rest of us to see?
  5. Hank McCoy

    Hank McCoy New Member

  6. Hank McCoy

    Hank McCoy New Member

    I have now input the complete model ( over 765 individual pieces) to 1/6 scale. Am now updating drawings with construction symbols and will begin more construction ! Have about eight missing pieces and about the same, drawn but not identified. Hopefully these will show up during construction,

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