Does anybody has a sextant or an octant?

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  1. Loco-S

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    Im quite interested to practice a little of celestial navigation ( I haven't touched that stuff since the early 90's) and real sextants can reach exorbitant prices, can anybody guide me on to where to find a card model of such an artifact? besides, it would be a great piece of conversation once is over my desk at work...

    just let me know if somebody know where to get or buy one.

    NULLMOON Member

    i know theres a sextent in card i saw it in the book section of a garden center called brooksides shop a few weeks ago i forget the name it was a childrens book a dont rember the name but theres a picture of a sailing ship on the cover i assure you its out there there may have been one with the old qeust magasines too but hell if i can remember back that far i think greenwich museum or a few other simalar places would stock such a thing there gift shops

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  4. Al hazlet

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    Look for a book called "Latitude Hooks and Azimuth Rings" by Dennis Fisher, it includes complete instructions and a parts list for building an octant.
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  6. Bernhard

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    If your main goal is to get a cheap, usable practice sextant rather than building one from card, then check out this website:
    CD-Sextant - Build your own sextant

  7. Zathros

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    @Bernhard, great link. I have all those parts already!!

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