Dodge WC 56 SCALE 1/10

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by MaxPaper, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Ronson2k3

    Ronson2k3 Member

    Looks pretty spectacular. Your attention to detail is inspiring and how you achieve your results too. You perhaps should write a tutorial on the tires alone that was really cool..

    Keep up the great work.
  2. MaxPaper

    MaxPaper New Member

    tire construction


    I think photos 're better than words to show how i make a paper tire. i use newspaper and wallpaper paste.

    Next post

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  3. nayo2000

    nayo2000 New Member

    Amazing, cant wait for it to be finished
  4. MaxPaper

    MaxPaper New Member

    Tires part 2

    Hi all,

    Construction of the tires continue with these following photos (they're better that words)

    With photo #4 I use some filler of finish for walls

    You're welcome on my blog

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  5. ekuth

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  6. papastumpy

    papastumpy Member

    Simply awesome. Very impressive museum quality work.:yep:
  7. MaxPaper

    MaxPaper New Member

    Happy new year

    Hi all,

    I wish you an happy new year et a lot of models to build.

    Last news about the command car.

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  8. atamjeet

    atamjeet Member

    WOW WOW WOW... I have seldom experienced such a masterpiece and creativity... You have given me a very nice idea for doing the wheels... Thanks for sharing buddy... you Rock and you know thjat :)
  9. MaxPaper

    MaxPaper New Member

    it doesn't stop

    Hi all,

    Hi atamjeet, if you can show yours wheels i'ts great.

    i continue on command car model.



    Next time

  10. papastumpy

    papastumpy Member

    Hello MaxPaper, I was so glad to see you were still @ it w/this most excellent build.bounce7 Look forward to more of it.:wave:Rick
  11. MaxPaper

    MaxPaper New Member

    Always command car paper

    Hi all,

    Hello Rick, i made some details on command car.


    A bientôt
  12. racc00n

    racc00n Member

    Terrific model. The detail is phenominal. Did you take a real one apart to make the plans?
  13. ennder

    ennder Member

    A truly spectacular build. I am in awe of your work. That is going to be a
    museum quality peice of art. Please keep up the wonderful work.
  14. MaxPaper

    MaxPaper New Member

    Progress of the model

    Hi all,

    In reply I can say that I met the owner of a wc 58 (with winch) command car in the southwest of France. And i worked for two years a reunion island and i found two models of wc 52 in the entrance of a zoo at Etang Salé. With them i made drawings (technicals views).

    The assembly continues with details (fenders, wheels, jerrycan) and it's not finished.

  15. hoancaubk

    hoancaubk New Member

    Your project very nice. i will try to do this model but i think can't make same your.:(

    HARDICE New Member

    I just wish there was more detail in the steps taken to make that tire, for newbes like me. I am astonished at how real that looks though, great job is not enough to say, I'm speachless. So much to learn.
  17. italia12010

    italia12010 New Member

  18. RealHawkman

    RealHawkman New Member

    Awesome work, will u continue with it? Need new pictures on ur work...
  19. Phionix

    Phionix New Member

    very realistic
  20. lalo

    lalo Member

    ... :thumb:Congratulations mate Max. I like your work. It was very good. Sincerely ... Jorge.:mrgreen:

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