Doc's Maly 1/200 "victory" build log

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by dr_hemlock2, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. dr_hemlock2

    dr_hemlock2 New Member

    First i want to introduce myself i am a 47 year old male retired from the Air Force and on disability i do not work per se a regular job just commissions on my artwork and computer work. So i have a lot of time on my hands i first got turned on to paper modeling from the other hobbies i have namely wooden/plastic ship modeling another site has a section on paper card models and i read through a few build logs there and i thought it would be cool to try this out. So i have been here everyday sometimes s few times a day reading gathering the data (how to) so i got myself dander up and said i am going to do it so i went on ebay (do not freak out people) i got a real kit (book) from a guy on there of the Maly 1/200 "Victory" here is a pic of the kit below?. I have made a small table for me to work on and gathered the tools needed and have laid out the initial bulkheads and bulkhead formers for the ship but have yet to cut them out. perhaps in a day or so as my hands do not work real well and i have to work a little at a time and then rest...nerve damage. so bear with me the adventure begins.

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  2. Dragos

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    Hello dr_hemlock2 and good luck with the Victory, is nice to see building threads with Maly ships
  3. Teamski

    Teamski Member

    I'm looking forward to seeing this one!! :)


    ps.... I'll be retiring from the USAF myself in a year or so, hehehe......
  4. Coot59

    Coot59 Member

    Welcome to the forum. I'll be watching your build.
  5. dr_hemlock2

    dr_hemlock2 New Member

    progress report

    my progress so far the adventure begins.

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  6. David H

    David H Member

    Good Luck Doc,

    Sure will be interested to see how the Victory goes together at 1:200.

  7. lriera

    lriera Member

    Welcome and good build, Doc.
  8. eibwarrior

    eibwarrior Member

    Good luck Doc and keep the pictures coming...

    Don't hesitate to ask a question or two. There are years and years of experience in this forum.
  9. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    Oh this will be fun to watch... I've been hoping for a new sailing build thread in here ever since gippolot finished his terrestrial voyager... I'm looking forward to seeing how you go with the rigging, not to mention all the little details leading up to that... good luck with it.
  10. gippolot

    gippolot Member

    Am encouraging you all the way on this one Doc. :wave:

    I bought this kit/booklet, as it is such a nice piece of art, and looks likely to make a great model of the Victory.

    Looking forward to your posts.

  11. Lepercan

    Lepercan Member

    You just drank WHAT? Sorry, couldn't resist. Welcome to our den of madness. We can't afford to get caught...they'll take away our scissors. Keeps some of us from going overboard. I'm looking forward to seeing this build. I've just started a little sidewheeler for a contest we've got going here.
    I'm intimidated by the big sailing ships. I'm also retired military, amoung other things.

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