Do you smoke or know some one that does?

Discussion in 'Tips, Tutorials & Tools' started by GyverX, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. GyverX

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    Start collecting those empty cig pacs. Your gonna want them. I have been using the sulafane and internal silver wrapings from the cig pacs for paper model experaments and it works.

    Use the sulaphane for windows. Really easy to use and thin enough to make it look real enough.

    The internal silver wraping make for great chrome parts like beauty rings for car rims, Rolled out makes for great aplications when Uluminum is to thick.

    Additional thing is that camel cigs use gold wraping for you space nuts. This can be used for those gold foil applications and has a great texture to it.

    Hope this helps and is not redundant.

  2. shrike

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    An add on..

    Cigarette rolling papers are a handy thing to have for reinforcing joints or making strengthening gussets. Stronger than the same weight of tissue paper, and the little packets are convenient to fit ina travel box too.
  3. GyverX

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    Wow, Didnt think about that I have a bunch of little packs from my bugler days (for those that smoke)

    ANyone ever have any luck with using a torch for battle or light burnmarks

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