Do I seek these models to buy, does anybody know? (3Dpaper)

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  1. daredevilbr

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    I am in the search of any one of those models to buy (all of the 3Dpaper).... as they are rare and limited models, I know about the difficulty of you find them.... in case somebody please finds contacts me 8)

    below list of the respective models :twisted:

    Dante (Devil May Cry)
    Lucky Star (Galaxy Angel)
    Maki Goto & Matsuura

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  3. daredevilbr

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    thank you..... :grin:

    They don't send for world, only to Japan.... but everything well, I know people in Japan oh it is easier..... as for Dante and Lucky Star, really I also saw in Yahoo Auction.. :roll:

    thank you once again and the search continues!!! 8)
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  5. daredevilbr

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