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  1. Hi all !

    Excuse me for drawing mistakes.
    I revised Dnepr drawings and posted Release 2 on www.cardmodels-r.narod.ru.
    I'm ready to send pdf by mail if you have loading problems.
  2. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    Um... shouldn't it be "narod" in the web address?
  3. jparenti

    jparenti Member

    Thanks for the heads up on the revision Leo. I just downloaded this model so I'm glad I got the revision before I printed it.
    By the way, what is the capsule in this model? I've never heard of it and was curious what it was used for.
  4. fructose

    fructose Member

    Thanks for the info. I'll send you a PM since my ISP doesn't seem to like downloading from you.
  5. Rescue capsule

    Power possibilities of Dnepr launcher allow to put into orbit spaceships for service ISS, including Rescue capsules. A rescue capsule for ISS is a pilot project of Kosmotras agency (http://www.kosmotras.ru/srn.htm).
  6. jparenti

    jparenti Member

    Thanks for the info Leo!

    NULLMOON Member

    i made this model ages back what is the exact revision?

    NULLMOON Member

    my dnepr

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  9. BARX2

    BARX2 Member

    Very nice! :)
  10. jparenti

    jparenti Member

    Nice clean build! Leo's models always turn out great.

    NULLMOON Member

    i do tend to get some odd colors with leos models sometimes my buran came out blue first time
  12. Nullmoon! Your Dnepr is very nice building! Thank you!

    NULLMOON Member

    i couldnt find a pen in the color of the nose cone so i had to edge it with black doesnt look that bad and engine parts are painted chrome cant beat a bit of chrome

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