Disturbing video.

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by TrainNut, Jan 12, 2007.

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    That thing took a better hit then I thought it would.... WOW :)

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    OK, Explain this one. :)

  4. Ralph

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    That would be a staged modern day replica of an old time wreck. I've seen this pic and an illustration of what was probably a 19th century or turn of the 20th century accident that inspired it in England or Europe (?) I think the pic above is a restaurant...right? Its a pretty amazing sight in any case!

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    HA HA.... OK, I wonder what the serve?
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    WOW, Thanks! I never saw that before....
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    That Operation Lifesaver car didn't get as wrecked as I thought it would. Still a cool video. Last year on Superbowl Sunday I was watching a show that was strictly about train wrecks, train/car crashes, people getting hit by trains, etc
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    Nice find. I really like the HO version. It was nicely done. :)
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    Operation Lifesaver did a video one time (I have it around here somewhere) that used a series of scenes on an HO layout and stop motion photography. The grand finale was a LONG frieght that struck a truck and derailed. The derailment was pretty spectacular and the whole thing was VERY neat.

    Sure wish I had the ability to convert it to digital to put it on the net for you guys, it was a trip.
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    Man, I could have done without seeing that one.

    In fact, I wish I HADN'T seen it. THAT is almost JUST what it looked like when I hit that little girl on the bike.

    Man, now I have the shivers.
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    Tom you didn't hit that girl, she hit you....think about it....all of us would swerve while driving to avoid a child, even if it meant going in the ditch or hitting a power pole. A train is on tracks.....all the "driver" can do is control the throttle and apply the brakes as needed, it's not like you can turn.

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    Man you cant blame yourself. Its like they said, a train cant turn, stop on a dime or do anything except try to do something. If you tried by blowing the horn, brakes, or anything then you did your part. If you didnt see her then you didnt see her. I mean a bike is a small thing. A train, its loud, bright and noisy. Sorry to hear what happend but again its not your fault!
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    yep, its not a train operatrs fault when things like that happen... seriously, its not as though there aren't plenty of indicators that the tracks are there and if there are tracks then there's always the possibility of a train. People laugh at me because in rural crossings that dont have the gates, I still come to a complete stop before crossing the tracks, I just DONT want to be one of those.

    One of the first books my son read was "Stop, look, and listen for trains" and it taught him that even though train tracks are neat and he loves trains themselves they can be dangerous and to do exactly that stop, look, and listen for trains.

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