District 9 Assault Rifle

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Hardwalker, May 9, 2011.

  1. Hardwalker

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    This is my very first post on this forum (but I was a long time reader before).

    When I watched 'District 9' for the first time, I was heavily influenced with that movie. So, I decided to make something that would remind me about it.

    This model is made in 1:6 scale, build from scratch (i.e. without 3D model unfolding/texturing/printing).

    p.s. Sorry if this post is in wrong place.
    p.p.s. Sorry about my English.

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  2. MTK

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    Nice work, have you seen the other post in this forum concerning the same subject?
  3. Hardwalker

    Hardwalker New Member


    Um, do you mean this Arc gun? Well, it's a different weapon. It's nice too, but I can't say I very pleased with it's design. Also I have a very tight living area sign1 - it literally can't afford storing a life-sized models (that's why I gone with 1/6th scale).

    Still waiting for some good 3D mesh of Exo Suit for another project:)
  4. blaar

    blaar Member

  5. Hardwalker

    Hardwalker New Member

    blaar thanks for the link!

    This model is nice all around, but still has some in-accuracies. I'm not talking about details but rather about common proportions (comparing to official figure):


    Model has a bit smaller feet, less massive legs, a bit shorter lower arms and a bit longer upper arms. Its' back is much taller. If you see closer to figure photo, you'll be able to see some kind of 'spinal column' (right under the body's back) - model doesn't have it (so whole spine isn't right).

    When I tried to create my own mesh, I just exploded my head sign1 trying to bind side view and front view of body. This (seemingly simple) thing have quite hard-to-reconstruct shape :)

    But thanks for help once again! It's a good point to start anyway!
  6. oriod01

    oriod01 Member

    Impressive... scratch-build to boot! Very nice. I loved all the designs from this film. Still have my fingers crossed for a detailed Exo Suit and Dropship.

    P.S. Your English is great.

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