dissassembling Atlas Locmotives

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by green_elite_cab, Feb 5, 2006.

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    i only recently got my firts ever atlas locomotive, a U34CH. now i have an ALP44 and B40-8. I figured out he ALP 44 pretty quick, but the other two stumped me. I instincively removed the couplers. then i tryed gently lifting the shell off. nothing. i only found screws on the U34CH, and even when unscrewed, the shell wouldn't budge. I'm afraid to try on the B40-8 because there is a chain going from the front truck on the right side to under the cab, and i don't want to bust it.

    The reason is so that i can install a decoder in these locomotives when i get the decoders.
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    Check the Atlas site, or sheets included with your loco for drawings.

    They will show where tabs or screws are. I am not familar with the model you have, but many have tabs either at the ends or by the cab, that you push in to lift the shell.

    I hope someone who has that model can respond with more specific info.

    Good Luck,

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    Fixing Link

    Thank You for linking to my site for reference information.


    I noticed that you linked directly to the JPG file and it did not work. To link to this site you must enter a HTML file. This will allow you to access the web site material.

    I have added many new pages of diagrams and reference material over the last month. These updates include Varney, Mantua/Tyco, Winton, Rivarossi/AHM, Roundhouse/MDC, Athearn and Bowser.

    Good luck getting your B40-8 working properly again.

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    Sorry about that. I didn't check to make sure the links worked.
    Thank you Larry for the heads up.
    And Welcome to The Gauge.
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    got the U34CH off, but the B40-8 is being more of a pain.

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