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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by paulhbell, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Texman

    Texman Guest

    Well Ted, there was your problem. You should have taken the models, not the dead possum.

  2. cmdrted

    cmdrted Active Member

    Dang Tex I know'd something was wrong! Maybe I will try the models!
  3. shoki2000

    shoki2000 Active Member

    I also have an understanding spouse - she made me understand that by "my room" I really meant one wall only :cry:
    So I made shelves all the way from right above the monitor to 11 foot ceiling, still rolls her eyes but at least It's my space now :grin:
  4. FredZ KSAC

    FredZ KSAC Member

    In the den/computer room. Hanging from the ceiling, in a six foot bookcase along with 1/72 & 1/100 plastic! planes plus 1/76 armour. BTW, some of those 1/72 planes go back to 1955 or so - original Airfix Baggie kits] Also have a bunch on the top of my wife's computer hutch. She has put up with models, slot cars, railroads, R/C and real flying for 43 years and is used to it! As I do my building on the desk next to my computer, all this makes sense. If you can make sense out of this kind of a hobby/obsession. :)
    Fred Z.
  5. paper warrior

    paper warrior Member

    I have all my land vehicles on the TV, a few hanging from a piece of pvc I put across the ceiling, and one (FG's Me262) that I have attached to a fan blade with a piece of string.
  6. dinsour

    dinsour Member

    Where do I keep them

    Oh godness, mine are anywhere I can find space to fit them in. When my wife was alive I had to be careful where I put them or she would put them in the trash can. I have given a dozen or so to my grand kids. But their moms are starting to get on them for having to many.
    I can't bring myself to dispose of any of them so I have been thinking about making a diorama of an Aircraft grave yard. But what do I do when that gets filled up. Oh well I'll worry about that when the time comes. :cry:

    --------73 Ron
  7. SCEtoAux

    SCEtoAux Member

    I chose Other because multiple choices are not allowed. Most are given away. Some are in the bedroom, some in the livingroom, some in the workshop, some on top of the computer monitors in various places. Quite a few wound up in the circular file.:-D
  8. Rick Thomson

    Rick Thomson Member

    Yeah, what you said.
  9. paulhbell

    paulhbell Guest

    Thanks for taking part guys. Sorry for not putting multiple choice in there.
  10. rlwhitt

    rlwhitt Active Member

    The only place I can feasibly display is in my home basement office, and I'm quickly running out of room there! I do have some ways space where I could build shelves, and it looks like this will be required soon.

  11. lizzienewell

    lizzienewell Member

    Mostly the dining room. I have them on the fireplace mantel, on a book case, and they have been creeping into the china hutch. Several are now perched on top of the Waterford crystal.
    A few are in the living-room and a large number are inot on display but in baskets in the computer room.

    None are in the kitchen. I have earthenware sculture there since paper doesn't do well with kitchen grease.
  12. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    All over the tops of the bookcases in my den thus far... although they're increasing in number rapidly, so I may have to buy more bookcases... :-D
  13. paulhbell

    paulhbell Guest

    Hi ekuth, how is the big galactica going?
  14. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    Ugh. Stalled due to lack of LED's. I'm expecting a shipment from Ebay this week and then I'll be able to get back on track with it.
  15. sjsquirrel

    sjsquirrel Member

    Several of the above

    Some of mine I make for other people, some are all over the house, most are in my den.


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