Display base for Daishi's Frost Dragon.

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    In parallel to my build of Daishi's superb model of a Frost Dragon from the game SKYRIM, I thought I would post some pictures of how I enhanced the paper rock that comes with the model template which the dragon itself stands on.

    This is how the supplied paper rock looks built 'from the box'..


    I purchased two plaque/trophy bases ...


    The smaller of which I screwed onto the larger to create a more substantial base.
    Mmmm, looks rather empty and boring.....!


    So, work to do......

    With a bit of artistic licence and various additional materials, like real stones, a piece of twig from a plant in my garden, hole/crack filler, floor polish and paint, this is what I created......

    055.jpg 057.jpg
    067.jpg 062.jpg
    059.jpg 066.jpg

    The build process you can find in the original build thread here: http://www.zealot.com/forum/showpost.php?p=967201&postcount=156

    If you have any questions or need any pointers regarding my methods in creating this, please feel free to PM me :mrgreen:

    See you around the forum!

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    A true Knight's work! Beautiful!

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