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    I'm looking for your inputs into a simple Dispatcher set-up for my layout.
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    What I have in mind is a typical DS position:

    The Dispatcher may be a formal position where a guy sits at a desk or he may be in a room by himself . The "equipment" would be a panel with lights (for signals and switches)and switches (turnouts) with a diagram of the layouts/tracks/cities and what have you..

    At this point in time on my layout, the DS is the "operator" who’s winging it as he operates his own train.

    The duty of the DS is quite straight forward: Safe and smooth flow of traffic. The DS has the last word. You need to let him know what you are doing, and you don’t do anything unless he tells you to do it.

    When you have your "paperwork" together, your throttle is plugged in and you are ready to go, you'll need to call the dispatcher for permission (clearance) to move. Check your train paperwork so you know what your train name is, where you are, and which direction you are moving, because the dispatcher will want to know.

    Forget complex software. I'm looking at something that's easy and simple to do and that works.

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    CN1: How complex is your layout? How many victims, er friends, will come over to operate?
    Big club layouts have DS rooms and walkie talkies/telephones and automated layout diagrams. You might get away with a layout diagram on a piece of board and stick on train symbols. Or an old refrigerator door and frdge magnets. The diagram can be basic -- a train in a yard can be given full rights to the yard so that you don't have to draw all 15 tracks.
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    How complex is my layout? :confused: Hmmmmm! :confused:
    Don't know? :oops: It's point-to-point-to-point with continuous running,
    HO scale, about 24 feet X 11 feet. No staging at this point. That's for this winter

    Up to 6 victims at once. Busy but mangeable I presume, never tried it yet.

    I have enough room for a desk with somekind of panel with tracks diagram and all that stuff.

    I like your ideas:

    I'm toying with the concept right now. I'm unsure how to go about it. I welcome all ideas.

    Thanks again 60103 :thumb: :thumb:

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