Disney's XR-1

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by mvink, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. mvink

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    Okay, okay, I know this isn't REALLY real space. But, it WAS designed by Werhner Von Braun, so "technically" . . .

    This is my own creation and I will be putting it in the download section as soon as it is unlocked. Otherwise PM me for it. I have it in both 1/33rd and 1/72nd scales and it can be built in two configurations. In-orbit with the detachable 3rd stage and wheels-down for landing.


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  2. Dyna-Soar

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    Very Nice!
  3. David H

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    Gorgeous, if only they had built it!

    Would $700 billion pay for development and lead ships? Lets write to JW and see what he can do!

  4. gpw

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    Great job Mike :thumb::thumb::thumb:

  5. aphelion16

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    Once the political will is there, the rest is just engineering. - WvB
  6. dkaniel

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    That is Sweeet Looking!!!
  7. Nando

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    What a beautiful model!! :inw:
    Some week ago I just saw on Youtube the old Disney's program "Man in space" with Von Braun who is explaining how we can build, test and flight the XR-1 in ten years. :eek:

    When will follow the first and second stage? :mrgreen:

    Can Somebody remember a similar Disney's program about a mission to Mars, with nuclear spaceships like umbrellas, slowly flying towards the red planet, with the same individual bottle suite that we can see at the beginning of this film?

    Anyway my compliments!
    OMG another one to build. :cry:
  8. astroboy

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    You are thinking of Mars And Beyond. It is part of the DVD box set
    Walt Disney Treasures - Tomorrowland: Disney in Space and Beyond
    Those umbrella shaped ships were proposed by Ernst Stuhlinger, who worked with von Braun at Peenemunde and in the U.S.

    Bill Kastenmeier
  9. Dyna-Soar

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  10. The Hermit

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    the video is priceless

    i actually forgot that i watched this as a kid

    thanks for the memories
  11. Alcides

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    Very interesting !!!
  12. mvink

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    Downloads available

    Okay everyone,

    The files finally got uploaded to the "Downloads" section. As soon as they pass the moderators critical eyes, they should be available for all who want them.

  13. cgutzmer

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  14. RocketmanTan

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    one word (except for these in the parentheses and the ones before it): WOW

    I have been looking for paper model kits of the spacecraft from the disney show for a long while!! Thanks a million, dude!
  15. mvink

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    I've finally uploaded the Booster stages for the XR-1 in 1/72nd scale to complete the full ship.

    ALSO - I've also uploaded the full kit in 1/144 scale to go with your Saturn V in that "other" modeling medium.

    Both these kits are colored gray to simulate the metal designs of the time. If you desire, I can give you the kit without a finish so you can use metallic papers. If you want the uncolored version, just PM me and I will send them out.


  16. mvink

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    Let me know if you need it "unpainted" for use with the metallized paper.

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