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  1. TheWebdude

    TheWebdude Just a Member

    Wow! And another update

    Shoot again! you're building them about as fast as I'm designing! Better get that firetruck finished........:twisted:

    Thanks to Deb Chase DJ is now added to the build list!!
  2. stagecoach

    stagecoach Member

    fire truck

    I'd like to do the firetruck but your not showing it on your beta page yet.
    By the way Have you scaled mack with my trailer?
    The first time I tried I got him too small then tried again and got him too large.
    Having trouble scaling myself.:( wasting paper. and ink.:cry: gonna try something else.8)
    Seems like the list is getting longer. What did I start. are you OK with this?
  3. TheWebdude

    TheWebdude Just a Member

    :oops: Heh. Red's not there because he's still in 3D....:oops:
    :oops: Have not scaled the trailer because I haven't built Mack yet....:oops:
    I'll be happy to scale the trailer after I do the build of the truck but I may have to "tweak" it here or there if you're OK with that.
    Technically the build list isn't getting longer; I'm filling in the gaps! (And there aren't too many left to fill!:grin: )
  4. stagecoach

    stagecoach Member


    you wrote Better get that firetruck finished. I'm sorry I thought you were talking to me.
    OK no problems:oops: don't forget I said I was 62,:confused: I keep forgetting what I'm doing.:wink: sorry Rick
  5. TheWebdude

    TheWebdude Just a Member

    No problem! I fight my own CRS daily!!:rofl:
  6. TheWebdude

    TheWebdude Just a Member

    Finally Back To Work!

    Red is ready to be textured. Like Mater I wound up with a much more detailed model than I wished to design.
    Off to texturing......

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  7. stagecoach

    stagecoach Member

    looks great8)
  8. TheWebdude

    TheWebdude Just a Member

    I like this better...Actually did a few final textures for this one since I didn't like the treadplate....

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  9. TheWebdude

    TheWebdude Just a Member

    And here's another lovely mess to sort out. Should have the beta up on site Friday....

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  10. bugman72

    bugman72 Member

    Stagecoach, did you ever get Mack's trailer completed or is it still in development? I'd like to see if I could get the inside of the trailer to match the movie...


  11. stagecoach

    stagecoach Member


    Yes I did finish the trailer. I sent the information to Webdude to scale with Mack the truck. When he is ready to make the alfa model of Mack he will release the trailer too.
    You will never be able to get the whole bachelor pad in the trailer. If you seen the toy model of the pad it is about 3 floors worth of stuff.
  12. TheWebdude

    TheWebdude Just a Member

    Ask and ye shall receive...(usually)

    The easiest way to ensure that a trailer would be to scale with the truck was to reopen the trucks 3D model and simply model on the trailer so that is exactly what I did.:twisted:

    After the 3D was done I took a screenshot of the entire truck and trailer. In Photoshop I enlarged the screenshot to actual assembled height of the truck model (while maintaining scale). I then used Photoshops' measure tool to get the height of the trailer, imported the trailer into Pepakura and scaled to appropriate size.
    Now available on the BETA page.
    Thanks to Stagecoach!

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  13. TheWebdude

    TheWebdude Just a Member

    Trailer Interior????

    The interior I leave to the Kit-Bashers and Modders amongst us.
    "I'm" looking forward to seeing it done!:)
  14. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Thank you Rick!

    You are stupendous! Your gifts to the modeling community are without compare!

    I salute you my friend!

    OK, when do I get that paycheck you promised?

    Just kidding!

    Your "Cars" series is awesome and you keep pumping them out at a stupendous pace! You amaze me!

    Keep up the great work Rick!

  15. Bad_Scorpion

    Bad_Scorpion Member

    All I can Say is WOW, WOW, WOW.

    Someone I work with is really wanting to get these. I told her I would get them together for her she is more into the cars movie than my little one.

    She says a BIG THANK YOU!

    I can't say I'm impressed, (I am really), but with the other works I've seen and done of yours. This is exactly what I would expect.

    Okay So WOW isn't the only thing I can say! But you get the point.
  16. TheWebdude

    TheWebdude Just a Member

    Don't thank me folks. The credit for the trailer belongs to Stagecoach. All I did was make a quick 3D model to scale. He did all the back/mind breaking labor on it.
    Thanks again Stagecoach!
  17. allhallowseve

    allhallowseve Member

    No Red !!! :( oh well

    Nice trailer for Mack :) sorry i have been on much that job thing!! i'am building them as i can but i fell a little behind

    Mack 75% done
    Serg 90% done
    FILL 60% done
    luig 70% done
    Huson 75% done
    Sheiff 70% done
    Mater 50% done

    i post finish pic soon :)
  18. TheWebdude

    TheWebdude Just a Member

    Red Soon!!!

    Since Macks's trailer would be a relatively quick project and I was in a "3D state of mind" I knocked it out. Reds pattern is "almost finished but I had to get some sleep last night as I have an outing with friends today.

    For those of you in the Knoxville Tennessee area I'll be at Worlds Fair Park for the 2006 Brewers Jam from 2-8PM today.
    Come on out and have a cold one with me and help support a good cause!

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  19. TheWebdude

    TheWebdude Just a Member

    Red Now!

    Come get it.:grin:

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  20. namoon

    namoon New Member

    aaah, i'm here at first time.

    hi Rick, i and my daughter, 7 years, really enjoy to get your great works.
    simple question she has here, sorry, why not two principal characters?

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