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    I'm looking for some Disney models that can be added to my Kingdom Hearts collection; namely, characters, items, and buildings/ships that have appeared in the games. I'm already an avid follower of Paperkraft.net and the Disney Experience, but they never seem to have models that are, shall we say, truer to the 3D models found in the games. For example, there are a few Mickey Mouse models out there, but all except the recently released (and hard to get) Epson model are fairly low quality. I've found a Steam Willie version of Mickey I can use, but I need one of him in his black cloak. Same goes for the other characters and their clothing unique to KH.

    And, while I'm asking for models, are there any models of the different Keyblades out there, other than the two I've found of the basic, start-of-the-game Kingdom Key?
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