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Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by Ron, Jun 19, 2004.

  1. Ron

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    Wandering through the Walmart craft section can be a fun experience :)
    I came accross some acrylic paints in a huge variety of colors. The folkart line by Plaid all come in 2 oz bottles. The consistency of the paint is perfect right out of the bottle for painting card or formers and the colors are true and go on smooth with just a mediocre brush.
    I grabbed a few essential colors for starters like silver, bronze, copper, grey and black. For the price of 1.99 Canadian dollars a bottle it was well worth it and the results are great. You can see their stuff online here .
  2. Darn it Ron you discovered my secret weapon. :? :? I have picked these up at various craftstors (Micheals, Hobby Lobby, the craft version, and others) but Wally World does seem to have the best prices. Consistency is perfect and the mixing potential is pretty much unlimited. Some of the shades are pretty much dead on for various shades of camo applied to both the undersides and topsides of aircraft. Other shades are perfect for ships or architecual models.
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    One of the stores listed on the Plaid site is in my area. I'm going to try it out. I still have a ton of little overpriced Polly Scale acrylics, but they are very thin. The FolkArt paints sound easier to use. Thanks for the tip.
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    One more thing you guys need to remeber about this stuff. I have been using this stuff for years and it is very cheap over here Under a buck. But there are more than just colors, there are clear coats. Glossy, satin glossy, flat, and others. And thinner but I do not recomend it. Achrylics are all water bases so you thin them out in water and clean your brushes in water. I personally use tooth pics for small areas.. One other thing to keep in mind. THis stuff kind of turns int rubber when dry but will not flake. Keep in mind the surface you are using it on. If it is glossy paper then run your plade over it or something to score it so the paunt sticks. If its paper yout painting make sure the paint is not to thin. or thick. If you use a brush your going to want it thin but not to thin that it will wash out your ink or the paper. The reason for this is becuase if the paint is to thick, when it dries you can see the brush marks and only removing or adding a second coat is going to fix it. to much paint just keeps adding layer to layer. Experament with what you have. And the other added Benny is, It dries really fast.
    Hope this helps out

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