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    I've not seen any, but I would think it would be easy enough to scratchbuild if you borrowed bits and pieces from other models. Ton makes an Ares V (available here: and you could borrow the capsule and launch abort system from his Ares I. Or you could suss out the necessary dimensions of the various shrouds and make your own using an online shroud calculator. Bottom line is, it wouldn't be too onerous.

    In fact, I've been thinking of re-doing my scratchbuilt "early version" Ares V into something like what you've shown. My Ares V, which had the larger, earlier payload shroud and was powered by four SSMEs, is at

    (By the way, I've since ditched the scratchbuilt Ares I seen in the photos and I'm about 90 percent done on a scratchbuilt "current" version, in 1/96th scale.)
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    Thanks for the Info, I really look forward to seeing your work.
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    The only problem I'll have is that I built the Ares V with five-segment RSRMs -- the design at the time -- and I really don't want to have to cut them down. Maybe the Direct v2.0 people have a five-segment design in the works.

    I've attached some photos of my Ares V scratchbuild. The model is fairly straightforward; just cylinders, shrouds and cones stuck in the right order. I used my usual skin-on-tube building method, using appropriately sized model rocket tubes as the foundations, then made "skins" to cover them.

    I found a textured paper at an art-supply store that I thought was perfect for replicating the blown-on insulation of the main fuel tank. The paper comes in a tan color, and I airbrushed it with a rust shade. Once it was cut to size and glued to the model, I sanded the paper lightly and it gave it the "ridged" and textured appearance of blown-on insulation.

    The SSMEs were scratchbuilt from a bunch of parts. The main nozzle is made from a dark metallic paper, and the individual "hatbands" and plumbing are made from a silver metallic paper.

    The interstage atop the fuel tank was built with a corrugated cardstock that comes in black and white. (You can also get it in silver.) I cut black and white sections to the appropriate size and glued them together to create the roll pattern.

    Otherwise, the model is simple scratchbuilding.

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    I've got the Ares II/ Direct v2.0 cmpleted. It can either fly with a single engine (1 18mm engine) or triple engine configuration (1 18mm with 2 A10-Pt plugged rocket car motors. I'll add fins some time.

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    For some reason, that looks a whole-lot sturdier and more "rocket-y" than "The Stick." I do wish NASA would give the Direct v2.0 concepts earnest thought -- I've read some engineers who have expressed serious misgivings about the single-RSRM design -- but I've a feeling the machinery (and contracts) are set in concrete.

    Great-looking model, though! Thanks for sharing the photos.
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    Hopefully, in the next few days, I'll post some photos of my re-working on the Ares V into the Ares II/Direct v2.0. I have to finish the capsule (actually, the boost protective cover for the launch abort system) and the Service Module, then glue everything together.

    On my Ares V in the photos above, I cut off the lower thrust structure on the ET and built a new one, incorporating two SSMEs. I was able to "re-purpose" two of the SSMEs I had from the Ares V, but everything else is new.

    Up top, I cut off the payload shroud and part of the upper tank, then built a new shroud to accomodate the SM and SM. I'll stick the finished SM, CM and LAS on top of that then I'll be done.

    I will say the Arest II design is pretty cool, but that's just my opinion.
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    Is it just me of does Dhanners seem to be having more success with Orion and Ares than NASA?

    Well done

    John John
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    OK, here's my 1/144th-scale build-up of Direct v2.0's Jupiter launcher. Sorry for the poor quality of the photos; one of my New Year's resolutions is to finally get a camera that works....

    This is my "interpretation" of the Jupiter launcher. Because I built this by re-purposing my earlier scratchbuilt Ares V, I had 5-segment RSRMs, and I didn't want to go to the hassle of cutting them down. Another deviation from the design shown on Direct v2.0's website is the spacecraft adapter. I used a three-panel design, while the ones I saw on the website tended to consist of just two halves.

    I used 65-pound paper for the new thrust structure (with a couple of SSMEs scavenged from the old Ares V) and I used some corrugated paper for the SSME skirts. The same weight paper was used for the spacecraft adapter and the boost protective cover. I used normal copier paper for the launch abort system tower. A silver metallic paper was used for the service module.

    I'm sure there are other issues with the model, but I figured it would be a quick and fun build and some way to use my Ares V, since I built it using the ET tank dimensions, which are smaller than what they are now envisioning for Ares V.

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    That's a magnificent job. Kudos.:thumb:
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    Very nice!
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    Excellent build!!:thumb::thumb:
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    Thanks for the kind words. But it looks like I may have to re-do the model yet again, to incorporate the Max Launch Abort System, which is apparently gaining some steam (and support) at NASA. Some info here:

    MLAS - the alternative Orion Launch Abort System gains momentum - NASA

    I think I once vowed never to model Ares I or Ares V until NASA had settled on a design. Maybe it's time to go back to that....

    The solution, it seems to me, is to re-purpose, re-size and re-color a portion of the 1/100th-scale ET tank top available on the Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Center's e-gift shop. I've used that top, re-sized, for the top of my payload shrouds and nosecaps on my scratchbuilt Delta IVs and Atlas V 500-series. It should work.
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    Yes, that does seem to be a good idea, they're probably 5 to 10yrs out from having a finished design. I don't think they've even decided on which route they're going to go have they. There are several different proposals still on the table.
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    Ok, here are some photos of my re-done Jupiter launcher, featuring the Max Launch Abort System, or MLAS, for short. The MLAS is a bullet-shaped fairing with solid-rocket motors that would lift the Orion capsule free of the rocket in the event of a launch abort. Some folks at NASA (and elsewhere) believe the fairing is simpler and would be a better design than the Apollo-era concept of having the capsule covered by a boost protective cover attached to a launch escape tower. NASA hasn't decided on a design yet, but it appears from some reports that MLAS is gaining some converts.

    For my 1/144th-scale MLAS, I "borrowed" the 1/100th-scale nose from the Space Shuttle External Tank on Jon Leslie's website. The nose comes in five pieces, and I determined that I needed only the top four. I measured and found that to get the right size to fit the diameter of the Orion Service Module, I would have to photocopy the pieces at 44 percent.

    Once I did that, I cut the pieces out of white cardstock and built the bullet-shaped nose. After it dried I sanded it to tone down the seams. Then I made oval-shaped holes (the openings for the solid-rocket motors) at four places (90 degrees apart) on the cone. I added some detail with gray cardstock, then added a hatch, various other details and markings.

    I'm not sure what I think about the MLAS design -- and I'm certainly no engineer -- but at least I'm the first person on my block to have one....


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    One word..... Inspiring! :thumb: I've been watching *Mars Rising* on the Science Channel for weeks and I'm kind of anxious to see some progress. Our space manned exploration has been severely lacking for decades. Thanks for sharing your fine work.:thumb:

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