Dipper to the rescue... :)

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    Dusty needed his friend Dipper, so here she/he ( have never figured it out [​IMG] ).

    I laminated the wheels and landinggears I filled with rolled paper and tootpicks for sturdyness.

    This is how Dipper looks at the momement, to be continued... [​IMG]

    Dusty and Dipper are the first airplanes i build, so it is a pleasant challenge 20151204_214549181_iOS.jpg
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    That is so darn cute!! That is also a great way to make wheels. If you ever want to rubberize the wheels, get liquid electrical tape, and paint of a few layers till it builds up, go light or it will run. It really makes the wheels look real, one of the little tips I never mentioned here. The picture of the brand I use works great. It also works great to use in lieu of electrical tape, it never cracks, and boy, this stuff seals, you won't get flat tire, I promise!! Once it's hard, it is quite safe, unless your kid gnaws at things, even then, it would probably just past through. :)

    Liquid Tape.jpg
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  3. will69

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    i hope that my daughter doesnt gnaws on the wheel,HAHAHAHA.:lolsign:( she´s 7 years ) it is for her i´m building it.... ;) ( i don´t think i find it here in Sweden, thanks for the tip... )
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  5. will69

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    This is how far i come with Dipper.
    As I said i rolled paper around a toothpick for the landinggear. I drilled holes in the grey boxes to get grip. I remade the frontwheel by rolling paper for the horizontal strut and then I put the toothpick thru and glued the wheels on. I hope it gives it more durability. :)

    The thing that holds the landinggears are some hard to understand. The box lacks guidence for puting things strait. Hopefully i get the wheel alligned. The only guidance you have are the holes in the box.

    I plan to stuff the wings with paper for sturdyness....
    Wheels.png 20160115_161409182_iOS.jpg 20160115_181532697_iOS.jpg
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    As long as you have not put the bottom in yet, starting from the front, put in the bottom, when you get to the section that the landing gear box mounts too, dry fit it, and make a pencil mark where the landing gear assembly too. When you do the final fit, if properly marked up, it should all line up, and since it doesn't actually function, as long ass it fits it should be fine. I would do this all at the same time, as if you use a sufficient amount of glue on the landing gear box, you should be able to slide it forwards or back to align, just make sure the box and wheels, and struts are completely dry, stiff and solid, so it does not come apart, when trying to adjust. This is going to be much easier to do in reality then in theory, you'll see.
  7. will69

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    Updates on Dipper....

    Pic 1 Dryfitting the tail. The toothpicks are for sturdyness.
    Pic 2 Mounting the stabilizer
    Pic 3 Mounting the frontwheel. Three nuts ( :biggrin::Grin::biggrin: ) on an toothpick.
    Pic 4 Dipper stands on her wheels....
    20160306_192327009_iOS.jpg 20160311_172342913_iOS.jpg 20160311_172902855_iOS.jpg 20160311_180529438_iOS.jpg

    To be continued.....
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    Very nice. I was a pilot for a while, and no plane I ever flew was the same as another, even exactly the same models. Very nice! I don't see any seems, even better!! ;)
  9. will69

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    Almost done
    While the glue is setting I took some pictures. The engines took some time extra to get right....

    20160328_182416105_iOS.jpg 20160328_182436047_iOS.jpg 20160328_182447954_iOS.jpg 20160328_182459639_iOS.jpg
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  10. will69

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    TADAHHH... Dipper and Dusty together...
    And here they are.... [​IMG]

    The last picture is Dipper in all her glory... [​IMG]

    Nice and easy to build. Only thing that gave me problems were the engines. I made the mistake to glue the parts together before dryfiting them on the wing. Fortunatly I didn´t glue them on the wings...

    20160330_070533510_iOS.jpg 20160330_070632673_iOS.jpg 20160330_070656491_iOS.jpg 20160330_070727296_iOS.jpg
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  11. zathros

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    They are really cute!! They came out far better than I though these models could. I am sure your patience and workmanship leant much to the excellent outcome. :)
  12. lyter1958

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    looks great !!
  13. will69

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    Thanks guys... :wave:
  14. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Thank you! :)

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