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    OK. I have this layout at a family member's house in Vermont (I live in Texas) that a work on every summer when I go there. It is partially complete. I am wondering if I should wait for that layout to be finished to take pictures w/out all of the foam showing, or make a diorama where I am now so I can have good pictures?

    do you think that it would be waste to make a diorama now, or wait to finish the layout?

    And if you have any pictures, could you post them please.
  2. UP SD40-2

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    HOtrainman:wav: , i cant answer your question on what you should do....thats up to you:winki: . A good friend of mine, Mark(Chessie4155) just recently posted this thread http://forum.zealot.com/t119433/ , perhaps it might help:winki: .:smilie: -Deano
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    At the bottom of this page (the thread you are reading right now) there are several other threads listed in a box labelled "Similar Threads". This is a neat new feature (at least I think it's neat ;)) of The Gauge. Perhaps the advice you are looking for is in these discussions...?

    Personally, I would build a little diorama to have for the time when I am not at the other layout. Alternatively, you could finish a part of the layout to completion to have the photo location you want. But that's only if you can wait...!

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    Both! We all like to see pics of layouts, even with just the benchwork showing. TomPM built a few dio's that had me convinced in the beginning that he had a larger layout, which he didn't start until later.

    I would build a seperate dio for your own for pics to keep you happy when you are not in NH.
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    DOH!!!:eeki: :oops: :oops: EXCELLENT IDEA ANDREW!:up: i forgot about this NEW feature:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: . GREAT IDEA as Tom(TomPM) has some AWESOME stuff on this too!!:thumb: THANKS!:smilie: -Deano
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    Just because there's the "similar threads" list below, doesn't mean we won't answer your question too...!! ;) :D

    And Tom incorporated all his dioramas into a full layout after the fact too...! Great work.


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