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    I saw an article in MR

    About using multiple dioramas to build an entire layout. Or at least sections of it.

    You can "super-detail" the scene while sitting comfortably at your workbench and then plug it into your layout.

    This also allows you to bring parts of your layout to Train-shows and enter them into contests.

    Or use them in natural sunlight for photography..
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    If they are just scraps for practicing (scenicking, and mountain making) then use any scraps you may have. I built mine on a ~8" by 12" chunk of 1/2" ply I found in my shop.

    If you visit building sites, they have all kinds of scrap, including dimensional lumber, plywood, and (depending where) pink or blue foam. They will probably let you have all you can carry, but ASK FIRST at the site office - mostly for your safety on the site.

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