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    ... :mrgreen: Hello classmates. The adventure now I bring you ... one of "Jurassic Park." This is a new site on my website, which is a new adventure of science - fiction with the theme of a mission of exploration and science that puts our characters in a dangerous adventure. It is my particular "Jurassic Park."
    To view the video adventure, get into my website, 1 / 10 scale and Jurassic Park on the site ... your page is in a "Photo Video."
    Greetings fellow enthusiasts. ...... :wave:... Jorge.
  2. ekuth

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    Thanks for linking this, lalo!

    You do some really nice work with the miniatures and figurines!
  3. Elliott

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    I particularly liked Col Otto.
  4. lalo

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    .... :twisted:... I want to thank colleagues who have written and visited me.
    If. Really ... Major Otto ... is very mad, as a result of receiving a strong impact on his head.... Jorge. :mrgreen:

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