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  1. pennman

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    Hey guys need some help, I have a track plan I'dlike to use,but its in HO scale. How do I convert the dimensions to Nscale?
  2. Nomad

    Nomad Active Member

    Tony, If the plan was uploaded as aXTRK.CAD file, that program will convert it. Other than that, the only way I know off is to redraw it in your scale. Since your going from ho to n, it shouldn't be that hard. The other way around can be a bear.:D

  3. baldwinjl

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    Strictly speaking, HO is 1:87.1, N is 1:160, so you'd multiply everything by .544. BUT, if there are human sized things, like access hatches and aisles, you need to be careful not to make them smaller than human size. So, depending on the layout, it's either a pretty easy job, or you may need to do significant redesign.

  4. Chaparral

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    Lottsa Q&A ying and yang about this stuff, kind of confusing.
    N is 1/160 1 foot on the model represents 160 actual feet
    HO 1/87 1 foot on the model represents 87 actual feet)
    Roughly 1/2 of HO = N
    two times N = HO
    EG: HO minimum radius >18 "
    N minimum radius >9"
    As they say, that's my 2 cents.
    So with tax, shipping, handling and insurance that's $12.75
  5. Chaparral

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    Deleted by author

    Deleted by author
    Unreadable format
  6. Triplex

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    Do NOT convert to half size. Curves may be too sharp, but probably more significantly, track centers will be too close.

    The 55% rule will work, assuming the N scale turnouts have the same geometry as the HO ones the plan was deigned for. It's doubtful if any two manufacturers make their turnouts exactly the same dimensions.
  7. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Use the same dimensions as the HO plan, but move multiple tracks so that the spacing is 1" instead of 2".
    Then put in lots more scenery.
  8. Chaparral

    Chaparral Member

    Using HO dimensions in N pre-supposes pennman wants to copy a large HO layout to a large N layout. That's nice if you have the space.
    If that's the case, the dimension swap thing works.
    If not, stop thinking of the plan as an “HO” plan. It's simply 'a plan'.
    White out or delete the HO dimensions and replace them with N by using N dimensioning.
    I’m building a 32” x 96” N layout from a photo of what I think is a 4 x 8 HO plan that has no dimensions on it. I don't care if the radius I'm looking at is 9" or 36", I work within the space I have and adjust things accordingly. If you want or need 18 + inch radius,and have the space, then use the HO numbers. On my N layout the largest radius is 12 3/4 ". The inside loop radius is 10 3/4 ".
  9. baldwinjl

    baldwinjl Member

    It was late last night when I answered, let me expound....

    If you have an HO plan you like, you'd almost certainly be better served to use it as a guide, rather than to convert it directly. A direct conversion might lead to copying compromises that might not be ncessary in the new scale. Or, as I said, messing up the human sized things. I would recommend John Armstrong's book "Track Planning for Realistic Operations" as a good read before you get to far. You can use the pronciples in the book to help you translate the things you like in the HO plan you've found into a N scale plan for your space.

  10. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    Do you have a picture of the plan that you could post here? Seeing the specific plan you want to change is easier than discussing theory.
  11. Triplex

    Triplex Active Member

    And how large is the original plan, and how much space do you have?

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