Digitrax Zephr or Super Chief???

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by cpr_boy, Sep 27, 2005.

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    Hi all. I have a small 3'x4' n scale layout and I'm thinking about switching from DC to DCC. I can't decide between Digitrax's Zephr or Super Chief though. The guy at my LHS thinks I should go with the Super Chief, that it will save me $$$ in long run. He seemed quite knowledgable about the subject and runs the Super Chief on his home layout.

    Obviously, the Super Chief is about $300 Cdn more than the Zephr. It does however come with a DT400 throttle, which I think alone cost $250+ Cdn. I should also note, that I plan to build a bigger room layout in the future when I get a home or more space.

    Is the Zephr a good starter system or should I just go for the 'full meal deal' with the Super Chief? I would be interested in getting feedback from those who have experience with both systems.

    Thanks in advance
  2. MasonJar

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    The Zephyr is a good starter system, and can be expanded with any of the Digitrax systems, throttles, and/or other accessories. One unique feature is the "jump throttles" which are simply any DC powerpack that can be plugged in to be used as throttles.

    I would think that the Super Chief is overkill for your situation. If you do not plan on building the big layout for some time, save the $$$ for now. The Super Chief (or equivalent) will undoubtedly be cheaper in the future.

  3. steamhead

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    I concur with Andrew. I have a Zephyr on a 14'X18' layout, and so far it has performed just great! I don't think I'll need more than a couple of additional throttles plus another power source and I'll have my hands full.
    Spend your $$ on the Zephyr-save the rest for a rainy day.

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