Digitrax UT-4R - forward is reverse and vice versa??

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by dwight77, Oct 2, 2005.

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    Hi: I just received a new Digitrax UT-4R and I went to the club today. I plugged it in and easily aquired a locomotive. BUT!!! in the forward mode, the loco went backwards, and in the reverse mode, the loco went forwards. I thought maybe someone had put the decoder in backwards. So I tried a different loco. Same thing, forward goes backward and reverse goes forward.
    Now it is Saturday, and I couldn't call the supplier or Digitrax so I am just a tad frustrated. I couldn't find anything in the instruction sheet that indicated there was a possible program change. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Just curious and hoping I might find out something before I get on the phone with the supplier on Monday.
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    Did you get an answer?

    The only thing that comes to mind is one of the CVs in the decoder might be set wrong. But that explanation is not good considering that the club locos all acted the same way too...

    In any case, there is a CV that can be set if (for example) you wanted to run diesels long-hood forwards. It basically switches what we generally think of as "forward".

    That's all I can come up with for now, besides something wrong in the wiring of the switch on the throttle. I have used a friend's UT-4 (no "R") with no problem at our club with my own loco, and others.

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    I talked with Fred today at Loy's and he is 99.999999% sure the forward / reverse switch is just mounted backward. Take out the battery, loosen two screws, slide the case down, reverse the switch, and every thing in back in business. Wish all answers were that simple.

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