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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by rkar2000, Jan 18, 2008.

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    I have the "Empire Builder II" (DH142) set that was a gift about 5? years ago. I am finally ready to get going on a layout, and want to make sure that this set is not out-dated. It includes: ST300 Advanced Throttle, DB150 5amp Command Station/Booster, UP3 Universal Panel, LT1 Decoder/Cable Test Kit, and one Decoder. Can anyone give me any direction here?
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    I believe the DT300 throttle (not "ST") is discontinued in favour of the DT400, but all Digitrax components past and present should still play together.

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    Digitrax question...

    You are fine with everything until you want to access Functions 9 through 12 with the throttle. Don't get that 'lump in the throat' feeling though as those functions are on the new sound decoders not on the DH142 decoder you have.

    You can start a DCC friendly layout and use everything as is. When you decide you want sound on the engines or get an engine/device that uses F9-F12, then it will be time to start shopping for another throttle.

    PS: I still have the original throttles made by Digitrax (10+ years old) and they work fine. After about 4 months of programing the sound decoders through my computer RS-232 Loconet interface I finally broke down and got a DT400 throttle for my engines with sound last year.
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    The DB150 works very well with sound. There's only one difference between the DB150 command station/booster that came with your Empire Builder set and the DCS 150 command station/booster that comes with the Super Chief set. The DCS100 (along with the Zephyr) can read back the CVs when you program your decoders. The DB150 can't read back the CVs - not that it's going to make that much difference as very little of your time will be spent programming CVs. In the case of the DB150, it's just a little bit more trial and error in setting CVs (such as Vstart, Vmax, etc) than with the Zephyr or the DB150. Hint - use a piece of pencil and paper when adjusting the CVs. And make sure you read the manual.

    As for the DT300 throttle, it's my preference. All throttles manufactured by Digitrax can be used in your DB150 command station/booster - UT1, UT4, DT100, DT300, DT400.

    Bob M.

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