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  1. Hello everyone, i have a problem with my new Digitrax Super Empire DCC system. When i hook power to my DB150 booster, i get 5 beeps which means there a short somewhere and the system is shutting down. The problem is that it does this even if its not hooked to the track. I have used this system for about 3 months without any problems, and now, all of a sudden im getting errors. Has anyone had any problems like this? If i turn it on and select the OP mode, my DT300 throttle comes on and lights up, but if i click it on up to the run mode, the throttle goes blank. Does this sound like my command station is messed up, or am i missing something? Thanks!

    P.S.... I was running this system just a few days ago and i have not changed anything on my layout to bring on this strange turn of events.:wave:
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    Try resetting your command station to defaults, and power cycling it.
  3. How do i do that?
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    I don't know about the empire builder but the super chief is like this: turn the switch to the middle position on the command station. On the throttle, press the "switch" key. Enter the number 36 to clear the consists or 39 to clear all locos. Press the "clock" key. Put the switch all the way down on the command station and then all the way up....chuck

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