Digital Navy's BB-3 Oregon, 1:250

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by murban, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. murban

    murban Member

    Ok, then no boat supports today....

    Moved on to the stern deck and added a winch and some hatch covers.

    Next problems: The hatches (part 83) are too large for the surrounding frame on deck. Same part no. was used on the shelter deck and there it fitted.

    So either the hatch cover or the deck detail is a little off here - don't think that it will matter though...
  2. murban

    murban Member

    Last experiment for today was a test-build of the bridge house. Worked well and I tried a technique new to me - putting in windows made from Scotch tape.

    I have stuck the tape to the inside of the house and then sprayed it with UV protection spray. So now the tape isn't sticky anymore and I think the slight matte finish does improve the "glass" look as well.

    best regards,
  3. Renaud

    Renaud Member

    ladder upside down

    I posted a link but it did not operate well, so this is another one much better, and fully illustrated.
    No matter a ladder is upside down, in the event of capsizing, you can escape as well.
    For some years now, in Morocco, in order to avoid increasing taxes, people intending to enlarge their house build underground an added plant, leaving the upper part of their house unfinished.
    When the Brits left Yorktown in 1781, the band played "Le monde est sens dessus dessous", up to you to translate it! This was the birth of a nation.
    We could connect this whole trend ruling now the world to the fashionable "post modernism", don't you agree?
  4. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Ah, Renaud...I believe the title to the song you mentioned is "The World Turned Upside Down." :D

    I have always been fascinated with those seemingly impossible drawings, ever since I first saw them in grammer school...great use of optical illustions, and quite an imagination to come up with them, I'd say.

    Speaking of optical illusions and such, I hope you have worked out the difficulties with the forward hatch covers and boat supports, Michael. :?

    The windows from Scotch tape came out well, yet another little trick to try! :D

    Even with all the little problems that have cropped up as of late, she is looking so very good, Michael. More when you can, please.


  5. murban

    murban Member

    Hi Friends,

    after a small pause yesterday where I built nothing but worked on my Vesuvius construction, I added some more small bits today.

    The second winch on the stern deck and about a dozen bollards.

    Also, I made a second piece of railing. This time I used a printed template, protected by scotch tape and then glued the assembled railing in place.

    Works better that way I think - and I even remembered to put in the opening for the ladder ;)
  6. murban

    murban Member

    Of course, I also fixed my error with the previous railing. I cut the opening and added a handrail for the ladder.

    I can tell you, working with 0,13x0,16mm paper strips using pliers and a needle with white glue isn't too easy.

    The shaking-amplitude and the end of the pliers was roughly the same as the railing height ;) Does this mean too much coffee or not enough of it?

    Anyway, even though it looks a little like battle damage, I think I can live with the result.

  7. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    They came out wonderfully, Michael! :D

    I can relate to the shakes syndrome and the horrible effect it has on close-in work. :roll: No such thing as too much coffee, though, at least from my taste. :lol: I find the need to rest my hands on the work surface to steady things up when getting in close like that, where possible. I don't think I will be asked to perform any micro surgery in the near future, however. :lol:

    More photos when you can, she's looking great!


  8. murban

    murban Member

    Hello friends,

    today I finally decided that the instructions and model photos are right and the kit parts 53 and 54 are wrong. I printed new top pieces for the walls on the shelter deck and glued them on, left and right reversed. Then I added the boat supports.

    Now, order of assembly is getting tricky. There are two ladders leading to the flybridge which will need to be equipped with handrails. To do that, I need the railing on the flybridge.

    So, I now have to equip the flybridge first, put on the railing, add ladder and handrail and then close the "flaps" of the shelter deck walls and finally add the little guns that go on the walls... Phew, hope that works out ;)
  9. murban

    murban Member

    Then I finished the stern.

    While doing that, I "accidentally" commissioned the vessel...

    Well, it has a bridge house, one turret and an anchor, so it may very well be in service... stays moored for further equipment for a while to come though...

    Also, I found I made a mistake with the winches which I corrected. A little dab of paint covers the worst ;)

    that's it for today folks, thanks for stopping by.

    P.S: Note to Roman: On the foredeck, the starboard glue mark for the bollards pt. no. 95 is mistakenly labeled "85"...

    And there is one part 95 in excess - or there is a glue mark missing - but I can't find anything in the drawings or photos....
  10. murban

    murban Member

    Hi friends,

    only a few bits accomplished today:

    * platform on flybridge with (still unfinished) equipment
    * aft funnel
    * two more vents aft of the bridge house

  11. murban

    murban Member

    Hi friends,

    today's build started with throwing my desk lamp onto the stern of the Oregon :( - Luckily nothing happened except for one bollard that was smashed (Roman, now I know what the one excess bollard was for ;) ).

    Then I carefully cut and touched up all the steps for the stairs and assembled the stairs. I turned out that less than half of the supplied steps are needed... ;)

    Then, having enough of the fiddly bits, I went for something big and mounted the aft main turret (minus two vents).
  12. murban

    murban Member

    ...then on towards another microscopic job, assembling and mounting the first half of the one-pounders (or were they 1" - sorry, I forgot).
  13. murban

    murban Member end the day, here's an overal shot from the stern on forward - with the focus on the main arguments ;)

    thanks for checking,
  14. Corporal_Trim

    Corporal_Trim Member

    She is looking good, Michael ! What a nice, clean build. 8) 8)

    I'm glad to hear the desk lamp incident was not serious.
  15. murban

    murban Member

    Thanks Steve, me too... ;)

    By the way: Never store your building board on the floor behind your workplace when you are working on something else - your chair might fall over... See here:

    (the Nagato nametag is a joke - Scorpio had an incidence with his Nagato once, when a neighbour sat on his ship - or in other words: also never store your models on a couch...)

  16. Renaud

    Renaud Member


    The smallest your model is, the less you pay attention to it. Would have been a 1/100 model, as I suspected it some time ago, and I am sure you would have found enough spare room to store it and to admire it at a distance
  17. murban

    murban Member


    well, it is a 1:250 model by Wilhelmshavener - about 60cm / 2 feet long. It was sitting on my building board, because I had just attached the hull sides and it was drying there.... Anyway, it was a digital reprint so not much damage done ;)

  18. murban

    murban Member

    Hi friends,

    little time for building today... I only finished one of the boat cranes.
  19. murban

    murban Member

    ...well, not only the crane... I also started building the boats. I used the technique shown by Roman in cardfan's Oregon build.

    In case you don't know how it is done, here's a short overview - this technique also works well with similar designed boats from other kits.

    (1) print boats twice. Double up the deck pieces (2 for each boat)

    (2) cut out two decks. One containing the seats, the other with only the frame

    (3) glue the frame on top of the other deck part

    (4) this is how it looks. The stiffened deck adds a nice 3D-touch and it also stiffens the construction and aids therefore in attaching the hull.

  20. barry

    barry Active Member

    Looks good


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