Digital Navy's BB-3 Oregon, 1:250

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by murban, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. Gil

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    Beautiful hull bottom! The time it takes for the paint to dry can be hastened by finding a warm spot in the house or shop. I have a convection heater for the shop that I place a wire screen on to protect the heater and place various parts that need to be dried. A steam readiator will work too. The heat from these sources is low enough that the paint will not be overheated but will be baked to a hard finish.

  2. murban

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    Next step is the preparation of the hull sides. They have a small red strip at the bottom that overlaps the underwater hull. This had to be painted in the same color. Being shy of ripping off the detail printing when using masking tape, I relied on my steady hand for that.... Went pretty well I think.

    Notice that I left a little extra material where the two parts for each side meet. This is to have some leeway should something not match perfectly.
  3. murban

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    While I had the red color at hand, I also added the propeller shafts and painted them.
  4. murban

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    This is my current work - preparing the 6'' guns that go below the shelter deck. On the image you can see where they go and how they look when using the parts provided in the kit. It's just the stand and the breech - no barrels, not even a wire template for it.
  5. murban

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    Here you can see how it looks when the shelter deck is (roughly) placed where it will go.

    The problem with these guns is that you won't be able to fit the shelter deck when the barrels are attached to the guns.

    So I needed to find a way to mount the stands first, then fit the deck and add the barrels afterwards.
  6. murban

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    And this is what I came up with. The front opening of the breech is about 2x2.5mm - so I cut two 2.5mm strips from 0.5mm cardboard and four 0.5mm wide stripes. Then I glued those together, with a piece of 1mm wire in the middle.

    This assembly fits snugly into the breech opening. Will have to finish painting it first of course...
  7. murban

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    Here is how it looks when assembled.

    I think this will work....

    So far for tonight, more soon.

  8. murban

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    Hello friends,

    nothing good can't get better. Just when I thought I had a good plan for the 6 inch guns, I found an email from Roman of Digital Navy in my inbox. He sent me a set of guns from the Arizona kit that can also be used on the Oregon.

    And what guns they are - amazing! Roman, thank you very much.

    Here you can see my first test-build compared against the old style guns.
  9. murban

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    Then I tackled the last real obstacle in building a ship - fitting the hull sides. Surprisingly, everything fitted without the slightest problem.

    Well, it is surprising for my skill in shipbuilding - not for Digital Navy kits. Any problem you might have with Romans designs is most likely your fault - I haven't seen a major flaw on his side yet.
  10. murban

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    ...different perspective, same good fit.

    One important thing to remember when fitting the hull sides is that you should only apply glue to the top and bottom edge of the planking parts. Never ever apply glue to the formers. If you would do that, you will most likely get a "wrinkled" planking where the formers can be seen from the outside. (Sorry, I don't know how to explain that better, but I think you will get the picture)

    That's all for now,

    take care
  11. Scorpio

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    Hello Michael,
    A really work!

  12. busyguy

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    You're making me VERY anxious to get started on my Oregon. Yours looks to be coming along beautifully! By the way, could you please pass along those six-inch guns that Roman mailed you? It certainly looked like a really much better model than the one that comes with the Oregon.

  13. murban

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    Hi Busyguy,

    I will certainly do that if I can find out if I'm allowed to...


  14. DN

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    Mo problem guys, "share among yourselves", like Mike Myers used to say on SNL (or was it "talk among yourself" :roll: )
    Note: of course the gun is of a different kind that installed on Oregon, but I think would just look better. :p
  15. murban

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    Thanks Roman, you are too good to us...

    Today was "fiddly bit" day. I added all the small parts that go on the port hull side.

    Here's a view of the bow.
  16. murban

    murban Member

    And here is the stern with the propellers mounted.

    As designed, both screws would have turned in the same directions. I changed that to a left-left, right-right scheme as visible on photos of the original.

    The propellers were painted with Modelmaster Metalizer Copper.
  17. murban

    murban Member

    Last picture for today. A more or less unsharp view of all the little bits.

    Everything went smoothly together - but you have to be careful with all the white parts - it's easy to mess them up ;(

    So long and thanks for having a look
  18. pixelkeg

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    This is awesome!

    Thank you!

  19. barry

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    You are a braver man than me choosing white beautiful job !!!

  20. Scorpio

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    Hello Michael,
    A very nicely built trunk!!!!
    My respect!!!

    With the best greetings

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