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  1. Padre

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    Where is Roman Detyna? I have ordered from Roman Detyna (Digital Navy) and have NOT received either the product nor any response to the emails I have sent him. I have always received prompt service from him before so I am now wondering what happened.......?[​IMG][​IMG]
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    Hey Padre, I didn't know you were a Mod here! I did some looking around, his page was updated weeks ago, so it makes me wonder too, as he has just released that Paddle Wheeler? I guess you might want to send an email, (over and over, till you get an answer).
  3. Padre

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    Thanks, I have and will continue to do so. He has always given prompt service in the past so this is unusual.

    He has been found!!! He sent email and product is on the way!
  4. Padre

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    Another Paper Model website back in business.

    Received a response from Mark Baird of Paper models International. They are still in business but still remodeling website and inventory. They had problems with email is why I did not get my order in nor a response from them, that is fixed now.

    From Mark Baird:
    We're in business and able to take orders - it's just not a friendly website as we're still in the throes of redesign. We're also still slowly rebuilding our inventory - and running into long delays due to US Customs randomly intercepting shipments and holding them for months (I guess to check that such "literature" isn't 'subversive" or whatever the hell that xxxxxx up TSA mentality thinks it's doing). We've got a full roster of Betexa models, Fiddlers Green, Birdmobile, Jack Armstrong and Dutch LS models. The complete PMI WWII line is available, as are all the PMI lightplanes. We're still awaiting Customs for half our Paper Trade inventory, and also still sorting out Wilhelmshaven & HMV. Thanks very much - Mark Baird Owner PMI

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