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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by Kevin G, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. Kevin G

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    The wife has surprised me with a copy of the GPM USS Missouri. Since I ahve not built a ship before I have decided that I should try a simpler one first. I downloaded the V-108 and have run into some problems and am hoping that someone can help. Part 69 is not in the diagrams but is easy enough to figure out where it goes. Part 70 is not on the diagram and I can not locate it in any picture of the model, need help with this part. I also can not find where part 65 goes either. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Pictures will be posted soon, but don't expect anything spectacular.

  2. hpept

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    Don't worry if you are having some problems.. after all it's your first ship model. Anyway, just to let you know, i have tried to build the Digital Navy "Admirable"... i said "tried" because this is the only model ever that i've thrown in the garbage before finishing. I can suggest to try some more models to get handy with paper modelling before starting something that you think challenging.
    P.S: this is only my humble opinion; Digital Navy does very pretty looking models. Just they don't fit my profile of paper builder.
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    Hi, Part 70 are propellar guards and they go aft on the hull you can just make out the mounting spaces on the sides of the hull, 65 is a searchlight that goes on the roof of the bridge. you can make these out on the digital navy pics on Roman's site. Good luck, this is a great ship to start ship modeling with.
  4. Kevin G

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    hpept, Thanks for the reply! I thought that I was going to be an aircraft modeler but I have fallen in love with the ships. I guess that would be the time I spent in the US Navy, once it is there you cant get it out of your blood LOL

    cmdrted, Thank you so much for pointing out what those parts are! I found them on the pics of the completed model on the Digital Navy site as soon as I knew what I was looking for after reading your post. I am sure glad that I have you guys to turn to when I have a problem, I would probably never finish a model without the help hehehe!
    Will post pics when the batteries for the camera are charged.
  5. Kevin G

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    Some pictures of the almost completed model for your entertainment tonight!
    This was my first ship build and only my third model so it is not all that great but I am really pleased with it.


    The edges are not colored due to the fact that this was just a build to get used to some ship building techniques to get ready to build the GPM USS Missouri. I am also sure that some of you will notice that the two water tight doors on the superstructure are on upside down. They will remain that way as a reminder to myself to not rush. The rest of the hull is in progress and will be added as soon as the formers dry. The first set of formers twisted and warped so much that I had to remove them and start over. Lots of fiddly bits but I found that i actually enjoy working with these tiny parts and have them actually come out looking like something recognizable.
    Comments are welcome and I hope to get some advice if anyone has some tips on what i have done wrong. If you think it looks like crap say so, I can take it but tell me how to make it better!
    Thanks for putting up with this long post.
  6. Darwin

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    Kevin, even without coloring the edges, it came out pretty good. When you tackle the larger model, just remember it builds one part at a time, and it has no subassembly any more difficult to construct that what you've already done (in other words, eat the elephant one bite at a time, and just remember it doesn't have to be consumed in a single sitting). A couple scraps of advice from my own experience. When working with the "big boys" (cruisers and up), approach the superstructures like a layer cake, and complete the first layer (add all the fiddley little details to it, including railings, even if the parts numbers might not be in sequence) before going on to the next layer. Take it from one who learned the hard way, it is a lot easier doing it that way rather than trying to fit a fiddly little part over a railing and way back under a deck overhang, while trying to thread it around and through a couple of guy wires at the same time. Similarly, add all the pipes and ladders to the funnels before you glue the funnel in place. Color all the backs of parts which will be exposed to view (like "canvas-covered" and solid railings) before you cut them from the parts pages. If at all possible, scan the parts pages before you start cutting...having a digital kit is invaluable when parts get torn, lost, spindled, mutilated, and/or turned into a pasteball. When you have open railings to contend with (or latticework girders like crane booms, aircraft catapults, etc.), consider printing them onto inkjet transparency film. If you can't do that (and the backs of the parts will be visible), print a set of mirror-image (flipped vertically or horizontally) parts on thin paper, and glue those to the back of the original part so there aren't large, blank expanses visible to the viewer/critic. Dryfit all parts before applying glue, and measure thrice and cut once. And, above all else, KEEP ON BUILDING. Hope this helps.
  7. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Alright is that ruler in inches??!!

    That thing is teenie tiny!

    But it does look pretty good.

  8. Eddydobrian

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    1000 hours

    I too recently purchased the gpm Missouri and it is probably one of the most detailed paper ship models ever made having over 7,000 pieces. I am now working one the 1/200 scale helsinki bismarck and am now about 75% done. It has taken me more than 400 hours to get this far and the ship has about 3500 pieces. The gpm Missouri could take you over a thousand hours to complete and I would not recommend doing it unless you have thousands of hours of experience with paper ships. My first ship model was the gpm admiral Graf Spee and that took me about 350 hours to complete. I suggest you start with something like this first as I notice many people who build paper ship models build this one. I think it is a kind of right of passage because if you can build it you can probably build most any ship model. If you cannot build it then no sense in trying the more detailed ships because they will end in disaster.
  9. Kevin G

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    Bowdenja, Yes that ruler is in inches. And yes the ship is tiny! I picked it because it was small, free, and I needed something with some fiddly bits to practice on.

    Darwin, thank you for all the tips! I actually used the tip about the mirror images on this model in a few places. I will try the transparency film thing and see how my printer does. Scanning the parts into the computer is already underway! I have read the entire page of building instructions many times now and they actually say to put all the fiddly bits on before moving to the next step. I am sure there will be mistakes made during the build but nothing that can not be overcome with determination and a bit of help from all the pros around here!

    Eddydobrian, Thanks for the info about how long it has taken you to build some of your ships. I know that this is not the best model for a novice to try and build. I know that it will take me forever to finish it, but I am determined to do it (that means the wife won't buy me another model until this one is finished).
    I have always been impossible to sway once my mind has been made up, but I do value your opinion and hope that I don't have to hear you say "I told you so" sometime in the future!

    I will start a build thread when I start the Missouri and hope to see everyone there to help me along the journey!
    Thanks for the kind words guys!
  10. cdcoyle

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    I can't seem to download any of the PMP files. Acrobat indicates that the file has loaded, but nothing appears in the display. Any suggestions?
  11. Kevin G

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    same problem here. When i try to download one my adobe tries to update itself but there are no updates available. Not sure what is going on with that.
  12. pbhawkin

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    i downloaded last night (my time) ok.
    When you click on the model to download it takes you to a new window which shows only that ship and a download link and when you click on that download link it takes you to a third(!) window with the word download which if you click on then open up your download window!!!
    I hope that makes sense.
  13. lizzienewell

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    As far as wanting to do aircraft but getting into boats--you can always do both. And there are craft such as aircraft carriers, floatplanes, wingships and the like that include elements of both.
    Thanks for sharing your ship.

  14. PMP download problems

    Hi Everybody,

    I tried it out right now and it does not seem to have problems.Probably if you have problems you can also contact the administrator of this forum. I'm sure he will help you.

    Cheers Andreas
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    Erased what I had orignally posted, did not want to steal the subject.


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