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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by zot, Jul 25, 2008.

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    I don't kow how long it's been there, but Digital Navy is asking modelers for their opinions on what they should do as their next free model. If you have a particular subject in mind, mine was for the USS Ward, then drop by and tell them. You just might get your wish...and better yet...get it for free.
  2. I have been campaigning for some time for someone to design a P-2. There are lot's of guys like me who flew in those birds during the Cold War. It was prominent in the Cuban Missle crisis. It served in the Vietnam War in a modlified form known as the OP-2E. This was a top secret program and the Squadrine was known as VO-67. Their Web Site is located at

    I have been trying to geth this published as a gift to the Men who gave their lives in behalf of this heroic mission.

    So I nominate the P-2 with an optional OP-2E version

    Here's me at 21 by my airplane at VP-31 at North Island

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    Nice choice! I wasn't thinking that DN Does aircraft too. I should have put this post in a more general category.
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    How about a model of the Turbinia, the revolutionary steam-turbine powered craft that disrupted the naval review at Spithead? This model should not be too complicated, it has a long narrow hull and looks to be similiar to his free torpedo boat model. Or one of the Thornycroft MTB's. Those are my votes!

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    How about a submarine ? :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

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    anything turn of the century 1800,s to 1920 :mrgreen:
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    Or an aircraft carrier?
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    USS Maine 1898! A full hull kit would be nice. The waterline model I have just doesn't do it justice.
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    1950s LSD of the Oakhill class please.

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    i second that:thumb:
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    I'd love to see DN come up with Motor Torpedo Boat kits.Everything from USN PT Boats,RN MTB's,KM S Boats, to Italian MAS Boats.Post War boats too.
    Gregory Jouette
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    can you find any good schematics?
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    My Vote

    I am so impressed that in todays world someone like Digital Navy will make available free downloads to help you learn and prepair you for those big projects. That you take the time and effort to do so, you sir are a Gentleman and I tip my hat to you. Now for my vote, I agree, the USS Ward, hopefully full hull, 1:200th. Great subject matter.:mrgreen:
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    The LSTs especially have been neglected as a subject for paper ship models. I'd vote for an LST, WWII or 'Nam era.
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    i second a lst

    pretty please!!!!
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