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    Evening all,

    I have posted some photos of my completed Digital Navy Fuso to my album (

    And also an attempt to answer Leif's question:
    To be perfectly honest I am not sure... seems an awfully strange thing to do (this came very apparent i built it).
    Does anyone on the board know or can suggest a reason why it was designed the way it was...


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    I saw those pics and wish I'd commented earlier on a really excellent build.

    The pagodas sort of just happenned. Extra lookouts, spotting, director and control positions were gradually added to the multi legged foremast in an unconnected ad hoc fashion and only latter were the spaces between plated in. The Yamatos were the only modern construction and they went in for the appartment block style pioneered by the Nelsons. That had the advantage of doing away with the undesireable seperate armoured control tower (which was heavy and experience had shown that spalting from a hit was guarenteed to completely do away with command and control) and made it easier to protect against possible gas attack.
    I did once see a web site which listed the functions on the different levels of Fuso's tower - but I'll be blanked if I can find it again.


    On second thoughts try

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