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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by Ajax, Aug 7, 2004.

  1. Ajax

    Ajax Member

    Beautiful work, busyguy! :D And those small boats and steam launches look terrific. I haven't had a lot of time myself to work on Oslabya. :( I've done a few little things, like gluing on the lower hull frames and cutting out the lower red hull plates and connecting strips.

    I have come across a small flaw though. On Plate 7-6 of the hull (Sheet 7), the dotted outline for the starboad bilge keel is shifted too far inboard such that it doesn't match up with Plates 8-7 and 6-5 on either side (7-6's top dotted line is about the same place as the bottom line on the other two plates). However, since the shift is inboard instead of outboard, I imagine you won't be able to see the uncovered dotted line unless you were looking directly at the bottom, as it should be hidden by the bilge keel when viewed from the side.

  2. Scorpio

    Scorpio Member

    Hello busyguy,

    A wonderful work.
    I look here every day.
  3. Ajax

    Ajax Member

    Hello all, here are some updates of where I'm at with Oslabya. I finished putting together the submerged portion of the hull, but I decided for purely aesthetic reasons that I simply did not like the look of all those vertical seams in the hull. As a result, I've decided to scrap my plans to build the full hull version of Oslabya and simply build the waterline version instead.

    Here’s a picture of what the lower hull plating ended up looking like:

    [Picture Deleted]
  4. Ajax

    Ajax Member

    And here are a couple of pictures as I begin to place the plating on the hull:
  5. Scorpio

    Scorpio Member

    Hi Ajax,



  6. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Looking great, AJ! :D

    You are indeed a more discerning modeler than I because I saw nothing wrong with your lower hull plating. Of course, I haven't built a full hull version of a ship yet, only waterline, so I wouldn't know what I'm talking about even if I tried to explain why you should build it full hull. :lol:

    I can't wait to see more photos as you continue with this build! She's got very attractive lines, for my eye, and this is a prime kit of her to boot.

  7. jrts

    jrts Active Member

    Hi AJ

    Great stuff, Iam with Jim could not see anthing wrong with the hull plates.
    Any lines would go with a coat of paint It would be a pitty to loose all that work :cry:

    Realy looking forward to seeing this finished and loads of photos and up dates :lol:

    keep up the fantastic work AJ


  8. cardfan

    cardfan Member


    Great work! Nice clean lines.

    Still scares me to think of how much black ink that is going to eat up. I still want to build her, I'm a sucker for old battleships.

  9. busyguy

    busyguy Member

    Building Oslabya

    Looking great! I'm still held up on mine. Right now I am looking with considerable trepidation at all the support posts for the "catwalk?" "Flying bridge?" Whatever the structure is that runs above the base of the funnels. Getting them all the right height, and vertical, has me worried.

    Meanwhile I work on small bits and pieces while I think about it.
  10. busyguy

    busyguy Member

    Building Oslabya

    By the way, the white strip on hull parts 27L and 27R. The ones where it makes the jog just foreward of the casemate? Are not supposed to be there. I had asked Mr. Detnya about it, as his pictures had all shown it black, and there didn't appear to be a part to cover it. He sent me a redone sheet 9 showing the change. In the meantime, since I had already attached the parts, I just used some watercolors to make it match. I'll forward the sheet to you, along with any other items he was kind enough to send me. Please let me know where you'd like me to e-mail them.
  11. Ajax

    Ajax Member

    My photos are kinda fuzzy so that makes that hull plating look better than it really is. ;) I wasn't sure I wanted to let that work go to waste either, but after thinking about it for a while I decided I would be happier with the look of the waterline version. Especially after seeing busyguy's great photos! :D

  12. Ajax

    Ajax Member

    I know what you mean, I'm now getting the "you're low ink" popup when I print! :lol: But if you're interested in saving ink, the CD does come with 2 versions of Oslabya: one black and one white. The white version should go a long way toward saving ink and the edges should be real easy to color. ;)

  13. Ajax

    Ajax Member

    Re: Building Oslabya

    You and me both! :lol: The posts I glued in place between the forecastle deck and main deck gave me enough trouble to last a lifetime... it seems like I had to reglue each one 3 times. :roll:

    And thanks for the info about hull parts 27R and 27L! Since they're already glued on, and I'm paint adverse, I tried to fashion my own corner parts to fit over the white stripes. I've also added the main casemate plates and the anchor pockets near the bow:
  14. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Nice close-up photo, AJ.
    Looking Great! :D
  15. Corporal_Trim

    Corporal_Trim Member

    Wow, nice thread, Ajax (and busyguy) ! :) I look forward to seeing your builds progress. I'm a sucker for a nice pre-dreadnought battleship.
  16. Ajax

    Ajax Member

    Thanks Jim and Steve! :)

    Here's a few more photos from today... I now have a hull! :lol: Well, at least half a hull. ;)
  17. Ajax

    Ajax Member

    Hrrm. I was going to post a closeup of the starboard bow, but I keep getting:

  18. Ajax

    Ajax Member

    OK, I deleted an earlier pic, so there's enough room to get this last one in now. :)
  19. Ron

    Ron Member


    Unfortunately, to keep things from getting to hefty for dialup folks, the file sizes are limited to 45kb for attachments.

    Any chance you can reduce it a bit?

    All the best

  20. barry

    barry Active Member


    absoloutly brilliant and what a wonderful design from DN.


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