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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by Ajax, Aug 7, 2004.

  1. Ajax

    Ajax Member

    Hello all,

    Despite only having built the Currell R-100 and the Yuki-Yuji Perry Class Frigate, I couldn’t resist getting started on Roman’s Oslabya. :D It’s a much bigger project than anything I’ve attempted before, so I debated whether or not I should start a build thread as the odds probably favor it ending up in the trash instead of being completed ;) . In the end, I decided what the heck – there’s a severe shortage of novice blunder threads in this forum! :lol:

    Anyway, here are a few pics of where I’m at with the build.

  2. Ajax

    Ajax Member

    Here are the frames for the Lower and Upper Hull. I colored 3 compartments black because there are open shafts in the decks above these compartments and I didn’t want any white reflecting up.
  3. Ajax

    Ajax Member

    Here’s an aerial view directly overhead of the hull framing with shiny black colored Elmer’s glue reflecting the flash… yes, I’m quite messy with glue. ;)
  4. Ajax

    Ajax Member

    And on goes the main deck with rear bulkhead supports glued on:
  5. barry

    barry Active Member


    Way to go mate and looking good.

    Are you using double sided tape to hold it in place ?

  6. Ajax

    Ajax Member

    And here is the main deck with the fittings installed that will be covered by the overhang of the forecastle deck. The white spots are holes I drilled with a micro drill for installing the metal posts (I'm making them out of 24 gauge wire) that support the overhang.

    I haven’t any idea what the 4 yellow things are. :D
  7. Ajax

    Ajax Member

    Thanks, barry! :D I'm just using ordinary masking tape to hold the hull down and keep it straight. It seems to be working pretty well, as the bond hasn't loosened that much and the tape is easy enough to remove.

  8. Maria

    Maria Member

    Hello Ajax,
    Promising model.
  9. DN

    DN Member

    I'll be looking closely at your progress 8) - are you building a full hull version?
  10. Ajax

    Ajax Member

    Thank you, Maria and Roman! I'm hoping the rest of the model goes as smoothly as the beginning.

    I decided to go for the whole shebang and try to build the full hull version. I'm not sure how well I'll be able to do in hiding the seams, but we'll see. :D Also, I was wondering where you found 1:250 scale 2-bar photo etch railings, as I haven't had any luck finding them and was thinking of trying to make do with 1:200 scale railings.

  11. mhaas2

    mhaas2 Member

  12. DN

    DN Member

    My PE parts have very complicated origin - I order them from a fellow modeler from Austria, who orders them from Germany from a guy who makes them :)
  13. Ajax

    Ajax Member

    That is quite a complicated origin, Roman! :D Thanks for the reply.

    Thanks, Mike! The only problem with those 1:250 railings is that they are all 3-bar railings (HMV3001) while Oslabya should have 2-bar railings (I know, a bit picky, but if I'm going to buy detail parts I'd like them to be accurate). I've now found out HMV3002 is similar to HMV3001, except it has half 3-bar railings and half 2-bar railings. Unfortunately, the only place I've come across selling HMV3002 is and they don't actually have them in stock and are not expecting delivery for 4 weeks if I were to order through them.

  14. busyguy

    busyguy Member

    Looking great!

    I'm working on the Oslabya myself. I'm a bit further on, though I'm only doing the waterline verstion. Lately I've been slowed down a lot by real life, and will probably be heavily impacted for another month yet :( . Your work is looking better than mine, guess I'm more thumb-fingered. Here's a couple of images from last month. I kind of botched the hull siding I think, though these shots don't show that. Hmmm, tried to post images. botched it. Guess I need to read up on how to do that.
  15. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Looking real good, Ajax!
    Just curious how you are using that masking tape to hold the model as you build.... :? Would I be right you have it sticky side up along the undersides or is it just athwartships at selected spots?
    This is a beautiful ship and Roman's design looks to be a very detailed and rewarding version. I like the option of waterline or full hull; wish more designs allowed for that choice.
    She's coming out great and your photo updates are a treat to see! :D
  16. Ajax

    Ajax Member

    Re: Looking great!

    Hi, busyguy, thanks for the kind words and welcome to the board! I was tempted to just build the waterline version because the lower hull does look daunting to me, but I figured if I messed up the full hull version I could just start again with a strictly waterline Oslabya v2.0. :lol: That's one of the big reasons I wanted my first large build to be digital kit. Any mistakes and I could just print out new parts.

    I saw the pictures you posted in the gallery, and I have to say the hull plating on your Oslabya looks great to me! I, on the other hand, well...

    [John Paul Jones]
    I have not yet begun to botch the hull sides!
    [/John Paul Jones]


  17. busyguy

    busyguy Member

    Thanks, you're too kind. And the pictures don't show where I messed up. It doesn't really show until you get to doing the bulwarks. I, too, very much liked that aspect of the model. And this is the second start I've made on Oslabya, the first one didn't get this far. It is fun, and I really wish I had more time to spend on it.
  18. Ajax

    Ajax Member

    Thanks, Jim! :D

    I'm using the masking tape sticky side down at selected points. The biggest problem area for me was the starboard area near the bow that wanted to curl up for some reason. Since these spots will all be completely covered by hull plating, I'm not concerned about the tape leaving any marks when I peel it off.

    You're right, Roman's design is terrific! After being spoiled with the excellent graphics and fit of the pieces, I'm hoping it won't be too much of a letdown when I move on to my JSC battlecruisers. :lol:

    And if you thought these pictures were a treat, you should check out busyguy's Oslabya pics in his personal album. Great stuff!

  19. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Thanks, Ajax!
    Now I understand how the tape is used :lol: I didn't catch how the lower part of the hull still has a space with access to the lower former plate.

    I took a look at Busyguy's photos and you're right, a real nice build in progress! It's gonna be great to see both builds coming along together.
    I also noticed that hammer in one of your pictures, Busyguy; I've used that tool from time to time myself when things don't go right the first time. :lol:
    Both builds are looking great, guys!
  20. busyguy

    busyguy Member

    Building Oslabya

    The hammer is only used in emergencies. Or to drive in that really stubborn part. After which I start the model over again. :D

    Posted a pic of the current stats of my build of Oslabya. This is really a pretty model and I'm enjoying it a lot. Mr. Detnya is also a real gentleman about answering stupid questions, of which i've sent him far too many. A class act all the way. Also posted some shots of the Oslabya's boats. I built them before I starte Oslabya. They gave me a warm up since I hadn't done any card models, or any modeling of any kind, in quite a while.

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