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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by upguy, Oct 11, 2001.

  1. Woodie

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    If you can find the continuous feed printer, I can stitch them together for you. Send them anyway, and I'll se what I can do. Be good to practice and experiment anyway.
  2. Bill Pontin

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    I cheated with my backdrop and pasted an outline of mountains on foamcore. I previously painted the foamcore with sky and clouds. Using my printer and a good quality standard size non glossy photograph paper, I printed out the entire eight foot length of mountains from a backdrop website. I should have purchased their backdrop, I think I nickeled and dimed myself past their cost with supplies and time. The results I think were acceptable. The website is I've seen their product, a little pricey, but they are fantastic.

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  3. Bill Pontin

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    Another picture

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  4. Bill Pontin

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    One more and you are basically looking at my entire layout as it stands today. Lots to do, so little time

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  5. billk

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    Hey Bill -
    Your backdrop looks great! A few questions:
    1. What is the backing material? I know you said foam core, but what's that?
    2. How did you make the curves at the corners? How tight of a curve do you think you could make?
    3. The joints, or seams, are pretty obvious (the only negative I could find). Are they joints between the backing material or seams between the printouts (or both)? Any clue on how to disguise them?
    4. Did you paste the mountain outline directly onto the "sky" backing, or onto another layer of backing that was fastened to the sky (for a little 3-D affect)?

    Bill K
  6. shamus

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    Hi Bill,
    The backscene looks very good for printouts, but your railroad is excellent work. I like the pier you are just making also. Keep it up friend, nice work indeed.
  7. justind

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    The backdrop is great and the layout is wonderful.
  8. Bill Pontin

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    Thank you Bill and Shamus for the compliments on my small N scale layout
    Bill, foam core is basically a thin foam sheet sandwiched between two pieces of art paper, about a quarter inch thick. I had several pieces laying around and just taped them together and that is where the seams came from. Would have used luan plywood but the foam core required none of the preperation. The very large seam in the last picture has no attachement as yet. The entire layout is located on the back porch, brrrrrrrr, and that leg of the layout is detachable or modular for ease in moving. (left myself open to moving the layout should a vacant space in the house opens up - ya sure, keep dreaming) I try and keep all my curves to an 18" minimum radius. Bill I like that idea of gluing to a seperate piece for a 3D look, will have to give it a go when I do the end loop module. The attached is a picture of Grizzly Summit.

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  9. billk

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    Thanks for the info, Bill. Your last picture is great, wish I lived there.
    Bill K
  10. IMRL393

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    Bill -

    Your layout looks great!

    I have too non-photo questions:

    1. What do you use for your road system?


    2. What do you use for your building base/sidewalks ?


    - George
  11. Bill Pontin

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    Hi George - My road system is just a household flat or satin grey latex paint that I paint on the surface and then I wash with a mix of india ink and alcohol until it looked real grimey. The lines on the roads are with a white liquid gel pen. They make a super fine line that I think comes close to scale. They might skip a little every so often because of something on the surface, but I think that adds to the wear you would normally see. My sidewalk system, I cut from a sheet of .040 "evergreen" styrene. (scale wise that is about a 6 1/2 inch high curb) I scribe in the lines and then wash the sidewalk with a bottle of scrap paint. (scrap paint= when I mix paint for the airbrush I dump any left over in a bottle. I use this to wash the styrene) I've been gluing the building to the sheet of styrene so I can screw the building into the layout. All my building roofs come off and I can hide the screws inside. Find this works best when you have multilple buildings along a strip.

  12. IMRL393

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    Thanks, Bill !!

    Very clever ... and great looking, too !!!

    Happy Holidays !!!!

    - George

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