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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by AE86 Drifter, May 13, 2004.

  1. AE86 Drifter

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    I drift a pro 2 which comes with ball diffs. i keep having trouble. i know what i am doing but when i build the diff there are only two things it does. either i lock it all the way down so it doesn't slip and then the car loops out and only spins donuts. or i either get the car on the ground only to hear the noise of the diff slipping and my cars acceleration to be slow until the diff grabs. i am no newbie to this hobby or building diffs. i think that the brushless has begun to take its toll on my diffs. This is a brand new diff with new everything in it ( balls,rings,thrust rings,thrust balls,outdrives,and pulley) and also a new belt. i have had the diff out of the car at least twenty times in the past two weeks. i think i could do it in my sleep and this is definitely not something i am proud of. everytime i try to grese it with some other grease or not so much grease or more grease. i think i have done everything. does anyone have any idea as to what is wrong. anything will help at this point. my only idea thus far is to burn the car!! just kidding i have decided that until i can figure out what to do that i will run the bevel gear diff that comes with the sport 2. it is a quick fix for 15 bucks and as you know a gear diff wont let the pulley slip without the wheels turning. hell if none has any other ideas maybe the gear diff will be in there forever it wont bother me as long as i am still shreddin rubber. actually since i have just gotten into electric cars i still would am used to tuning a gear diff with grease it is just not as easy as a ball diff.
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    jeez man thats just fucked :?
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    when you took out the diffs to tighten them did you lightly tighten them? or did you just start tightening them? you shoud lightly tighten them then if they slip to much lightly tighten them and keep doin this till it silips to where you want it to. i think you just took them out and just tightened them. my tb evo's diffs are fine they slip just enough to get the tires spinning
  4. AE86 Drifter

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    hey guys thanks for suggestions but this problem has long been solved.yes i did lightly tighten until no slippage. it is just the toll the diffs take due to brushless torque. also i posted this originally like a month ago
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    so which is it? is it better if your differentials are tight or loose?...can someone also tell me what the effects are if its loosened or tightened?
  6. driftsleeper

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    i think i should get one ways for my tl01...can you use a TA04 oneway differentials on the TL01? (TA04 Front One-Way Unit)
  7. driftsleeper

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  8. AE86 Drifter

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    i am not sure about the one ways for a TL-01. i do know that you only want one in the front. TA-04 diffs will not work in a TL-01. if you can find a one way that will fit in a TA-03 it will work in the TL-01. i do know that tamiya one ways will require parts from the gear diff so you will most likely need a ta-03 gear diff and ta-03 one way unit. here lets simplify check this for all parts that will fit a TL-01



    well the second one is it. you will have to buy this and a ta03 gear diff to use it.
    i will have to get me one now. i was never able to find the one way unit before. i had only read about it on the tamiya site.
    hope this helps
  9. driftsleeper

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    thanks a lot man!!!! that helped a lot :D
  10. AE86 Drifter

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    always glad to help a fellow drifter :D

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