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    20141004 176.jpg 20141004 174.jpg 20141004 175.jpg 20141004 176.jpg I have a small store display BBQ grill that a friend gave me. It's a scaled down version of the full size model. It's about 10 inches high. It's pretty dull without anything in it. I decided to see if I could find some paper grill fodder to display in it so when people at work open it, there's something to see. A search on Papermau for STEAK found this:

    Tenderloin Steak Paper Model - by Wombat

    I scaled the pattern down to 2 inches and got to building. Needed to use tweezers for 90% of it. Next is the cooked version.
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    Painted "Play-Dough" works great too! :)

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