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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by kchronister, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. kchronister

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    Okay... I'm giving in. I've decided to "update" my period of coverage to a point allowing early diesels... Wondering if there are suggestions as to a brand. I know Proto 2000 seems to come highly recommended. I'm not looking for brass, but aside from that prefer higher-end, higher-quality stuff. I model the PRR, so would prefer the option to buy lettered for PRR, but unlettered will do in a pinch.
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    The recent P2K RS-2 is a sweet locomotive. The Atlas Trainmaster is also very nice. The Atlas/Kato RS-3 is nice, if not 100% accurate — they certainly run well. The new Atlas Century series are very nice. Stewart has some very nice models of early Baldwin switchers. There are good covered wagons from Proto, Stewart, InterMountain, and others.

    There have been problems with cracked gears in earlier runs of Proto GP7 and GP9s, something to do with forcing an Imperial gear on to a metric axle. This is not that big a deal — if they break, replace them with Athearn or NWSL items. I have several of them, have had no problems to date, and like them lots. That said, I know one day the problem may surface, and I will have to fix them.

    I suggest you establish your time frame, find a roster, and start choosing which locomotives you want to run. Then ask about specific locomotives, and you will get specific answers.

  3. I'm with you on the early diesels. The NW2 switcher would be another great selection. I found an undec Kato model on eBay, painted, and lettered it for the Erie. BLI has a PRR NW2, but the price is up there at $179.00 MSRP. I have two of the P1K RS2s in Erie awaiting the addition of correct detail parts (it's on my list of things to do here somewhere :rolleyes: ). Another good one would be an Alco RS1 or S1. Atlas came out with an S1 and, of course, I bought one and painted and lettered it for the Hudson Electric as an interchange switcher used to take cars off of an interchange track where there is no overhead catenary. There's a good selection out there. The Kato undec NW2 may be gone....I sure would like another one for my Camden Terminal & Interchange RR. :wave:
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    Well Atlas make several nice early locomotives as does P2K and don't overlook the Stewart Baldwin switchers.If you can find one Kato's NW2 came in PRR.
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    How early a time period are you looking at?? The Atlas Alco RS-1, Stewart VO-660/VO-1000 go back to 1940-41 timeframe and are excellent models. Stewart's FT's were available ptd as the FT-103 demonstrators that travelled around in 1939-40 (or you could get undecs and paint them yourself, that's what I did.), with production models starting in 1940 or '41.
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    Stix -

    After looking into it more, I believe I'll settle on the 1935-1945 period. If my history serves me right, that will put me in a period where steam still mostly ruled the rails, BUT it will also allow me to mess around with some other things I enjoy: Early streamliners like the Zephyr and M-10000 (on tour through Pennsy territory, of course), as well as early diesels, particularly the E-series and F-series...
  7. wjstix

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    Well then besides the ones I suggested which would be right for that time, you could also look at Atlas S-2's and - if they ever really do come out - Broadway Limited NW-2's with sound and DCC.
  8. Iron Goat

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    I have to go along with the above suggestions regarding BLI's NW-2 (I have a GN NW-2 on order at present), and I would also recommend you take a look at BLI's E-7A.... both the NW-2 and the E-7 come in Pennsy wrappers, and are be-u-tee-ful !!!

    Good luck with your choice.... Bob :thumb:
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    P2K Gear Replacements

    I have had the P2K gear problem recently and was unaware it was commeon. The nice folks at Walthers have sent repair gears, but I am interested in your comment regarding using Athearn or NWSL gears. Do you have part numbers you have used in your P2K GP7?

  10. Triplex

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    In that time period, the only Fs were FTs.

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