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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Bob Collins, May 8, 2002.

  1. Gary Pfeil

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    Bob, As David noted, you can use one decoder but it must handle the current draw from both motors. The Athearn motors of old drew quite a bit of current, up to an amp each. Not sure what the stall current would be. With the drive broken in and well lubed, and the unit not weighted down to where it won't spin its wheels, you probably could use a decoder rated at two amps. Should be plenty of room! While on the topic of two motor locos, some articulated steam has two motors, with these you can use two decoders so that you can simulate the wheel slip which often occurs when starting. Simply start one set of drivers a little before the other, using both knobs on the Digitrax throttle to control the motors. With sound, the effect would be awesome.

  2. Vic

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    At one time I had both the single motor and the dual motor version of the DD40 by Athearn. Quite frankly the single motor version ran better than the dual motored one. I suppose that was due to slight manufacturing differences in the motors. Saw no difference in the pulling power between the two. BTW this loco will run on 18 inch curves but it looks silly as heck:p !!
  3. Bob Collins

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    Since I have minimum radius curves of not less than 24" and since I don't have 100 cars for a consist, it sounds to me that what I want to do is but a unit with a single motor and then I also have plenty of room for a decoder too!!!

    I guess this big brute came along too late to pull any passenger trains. Seems to me like it would look great to have a consist of about a half dozen UPRR yellow and grey passenger cars behind the DD40.

    Gary. I doubt that I will ever see a Big Boy on this layout, but a Challenger is likely down the road. What I really want next in the way of steam is a Northern 4-8-4 in UP colors.

    Thanks to all of you. Again I have learned a great deal. Unfortunately, unless you come to visit me Iam the only one who gets to enjoy the fruits of your labors!!

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    Bob - The DD35 (DD35B is pictured) is different from the DD40. The -35 had two SD/GP35 engines and a standard cab. The -40 had to SD/GP40 engines and a safety/windswept cab ala the EMD 'M' designation. DD35's (A and B units) are completely gone. THe only DD40 left in service is UP 6936. It still pulls passenger trains and other special consists but nothing much as far as regular runs.

    UP 6936 pulling some special-purpose passenger train.

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  5. Bob Collins

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    Someone else on this thread directed me to some great pictures of a DD40 pulling an "Engineering Train" on a run from Council Bluffs, IA (where I was born and raised!!) to Oakland CA and return. It had a series of different passenger cars and special engineering cars. Would make a great addition to any layout using UPRR. I will look again more closely at the website to see if I can identify the cars and start to work to duplicate the consist.


  6. BDC

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  7. Bob Collins

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    Thanks BDC. You Army guys are okay!!

  8. Bob Collins

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  9. Bob Collins

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    Sorry, got my tongue in front of my eye teeth and couldn't see what I was doing.

    That is the same consist as the one in the stills I looked at earlier in this thread. There is an observation/lounge car about the third car back in the consist.

    I think it would be a great addition to someone modeling a current railroad, particularly since this railroad doesn't have any ugly blue cars!!!

    Thanks again

  10. Bob Collins

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    Of course, after all this discussion and a decision on my part to add one of the UPRR single motor DD40 versions to my layout Walthers is out of them and the two hobby shops in the area (100 miles away) that they shipped at least one to are both out too:( :(

    Guess I'll just go ahead and back order one and take my chances. I've also never used E-bay before, so I might try there too.

    I am also interested in trying to duplicate the passenger/engineering consist shown in several of the pix and the video. That video is awesome.

    Thanks to everyone who pitched in.

  11. Bob Collins

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    After some detective work and a number of phone calls and e-mails I finally tracked down a single motor Athearn DD-40 for my layout. Even for a single motor it is quite heavy. Runs great. Will have to get to work on seeing about the installation of a decoder. I hate to think about taking it apart. It is so beautiful.


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  12. Vic

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    Looks great....Haven't seen one in years!....Now about those "umteen" hand rail stanchions!!!!:D
  13. Bob Collins

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    Hi Vic;

    Boy are you right. I opened up the little accessory packet and little pieces just kept coming out. That experience did cause me to get off my dead b--- and order one of those lighted magnifying headsets from Walthers a few minutes ago. No way could I see that well enough to just do it wearing my glasses, even if they are trifocals :D :D

    This is the first diesel I've purchased as I originally was only thinking steam up to now, but have basically decided that my layout will be one of those that serve several of the major roads passing through the area, so from time to time I'll actually feel quite comfortable changing eras.

    My scenery plan is one of open rolling terrain much like you would see in the eastern 2/3rds of Nebraska, some row crops, but a lot of grazing land too.

    Now if I can really bring myself to make the commitment to put a name on the railroad I own, all will be well. I keep saying I want to call it " The Bristle Ridge & Western", but I'm just not sure yet.

    Hope all is well along Victory Drive and at the Home of the Infantry, "Queen of Battle."

  14. BDC

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    I think that Athern did some imagineering with your new model. The cab is the wrong type for the DD40. The -40 had the windswept cab, similar to the SD60M and C44-9W. The standard cab only appeared on the DD35. But your model has the 6 exhaust fans found on the DD40. The DD35 only had four fans. The two outside fans are for the dynamic brakes. The numbers are a little off as well, but what the heck. I say paint it in your colors, or at least make it into a leased loco.:)
  15. Bob Collins

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    I'm not enough of a purist at this point to get terribly worried about those details. I'llk check with my two 5 year old " assistant operators" to see if they have any heartburn either:D :D

    Since I'm freelancing all the way I'll keep those beautiful UPRR colors and sign a lease with the UP to use the BR&W mainlines!

  16. Vic

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    Bob...Handrail Stanchions

    Just a short tip about those handrails stanchions to make the job go a lot easier and look real good.

    Drill out each mounting hole just slightly so that that the stanchion's mounting will fit easily and the stanchion itself will fit flush against the carbody. The holes as cast, are usually not deep enough or wide enough due to shrinkage in the carbody casting process.

    Using a pin or a needle just put a tiny amount of superglue on the part of the stanchion that goes in the hole. Push it in flush to the carbody and hold it straight for a few seconds while the glue sets. After all stanchions are in you can put the rails on and paint them.

    The press fit that Athearn uses is just too tight and you end up with bent stanchions. This way they are all straight up and down and don't fall out of the mounting holes.
  17. Vic

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    Bob...Victory Drive

    Hi Bob, Victory Drive is now 6 lanes wide but.....still.....cheap motels...bars...tatoo parlors...pawn shops and "nudie" clubs:eek: :eek: :eek: :D :D :D

    FBGA has won best Army post for several years running:) but the troop strength is way, way down. Despite all that has been going on its still an "open" post. They just check ID now when you enter.

    Just thought you would enjoy a short "update"

    Hmmmm...... "nudie club".... might make an interesting model!!!:eek: :D :D May need to do some prototype research:eek: :eek:
  18. Bob Collins

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    Thanks very much Vic. Those are the kinds of important tips that will keep me from wanting to tear out the remaining hair that I have:D :D


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