Did you get any trains for Christmas?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by SD90, Dec 25, 2003.

  1. SD90

    SD90 Active Member

    Santa brought me a bunch of intermodal containers, a couple of Atlas GP38's, and lots of Micro Trains trucks and couplers. I should have enough to convert all of my cars to MT's now. The Atlas GP38's run great! I'll have to paint them, then I'll post some pictures. Thanks Santa! What did everyone else get?

  2. hemiadda2d

    hemiadda2d Member


    While Santa wasn't as loaded down when he came to my tree, he was still good to me!
    2 High-hood B23-7 engines--to be kitbashed into BN B30-7A's, the cabless units.
    2 GN Big Sky Blue Intermountain ACF 3-bay hoppers,
    MT GN 56' tanker,
    Delux Innovations (old) Northern Pacific woodchip rack, BN-patched.

    7 decoders of my SD40-2 fleet are also coming soon, provided that they are not on backorder!
  3. SD90

    SD90 Active Member

    I have to get busy and paint the rest of my SD40-2's, so I have something to install my decoders in.

  4. railohio

    railohio Active Member

    Santa brought me some railroad books, Trackside on New York Central's Western Division 1949-1955 with Sandy Goodrick and Wabash Trackside with Emery Gulash 1954-1974 both by Jerry A. Pinkepank and from Morning Sun Books. I also got some train books from the bargain bin at Barnes & Noble that I haven't looked at yet.
  5. Bama Red

    Bama Red New Member

    I was fortunate enought to find an Atlas 55 ton fishbelly hopper with a coal load in Reading RR livery under the tree along with a saw mill kit - both will look great on the layout! Plus, I had already bought myself 40 pieces of flextrack and 15 turnouts and reserved an Atlas VO-1000 (w/decoder) for later delivery, so it has been a good Christmas.

    Most importantly, our youngest daughter, her husband and our newest grandbaby were here this afternoon for her first Christmas - a wonderful day!
  6. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    I too was fortunate and received this KatoP42 #900

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  7. K.V.Div

    K.V.Div Member

    I received one more Life Like Canadian Pacific, Block lettered, Chop Nose GP9 and 4 Microtrains Boxcars.
    Not to bad at all!:) :cool: :thumb:

  8. Gavin Miller

    Gavin Miller Member

    I don't trust "Santa" to get me train stuff ...

    Invariably it is the wrong scale, wrong colour, wrong road (as I'm a freelancer, "he" can't buy my road anyway!) or it's British! (to "Santa" it's just a "train"!)

    I don't really want "Santa" to know exactly how much my little trains cost anyway, he heh.

    We had a beautiful warm sunny (traditional Aussie) Christmas Day here in Perth. Temperature 32degC (89degF). Santa puts on his red board shorts and drinks ice-cold beer when he visits Oz!

    Gavin Miller
  9. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    OK Gavin thanks for telling us how nice it is in Aussieland. We had -3c here but when we have our nice summer in July August you will be cold or at least cool
  10. rcwatkins

    rcwatkins Member

    I received a Kato SD80MAC(CSX), LL E8A(UP), cheap frieght cars, plaster, trees, buildings, scenery equipment, "power packs," & non railroad equipment.
  11. Agatheron

    Agatheron Member

    Nothing train-related so far... :( But then again, I'm still negotiating space for the layout... :)
  12. MagicMan_841

    MagicMan_841 Member

    My parents gave me the last issue of MR, and I'm still waiting for my CN GP9 from Wig-Wag to arrive:confused:
  13. Bnsftrainnut

    Bnsftrainnut Member

    Well I guess I was bad this year :D No trains the Wife says i have too many:D :D :D I did ok in the fishing department though:D :D

    Merry Chritmas too all

  14. McFortner

    McFortner Member

    No trains this year. Just no $ for Santa to spare on me this year. Daniel got a wooden train set though.

  15. WM-N-fan

    WM-N-fan Member

    I got a Conrail Gp38 (Atlas) that I renumbered into NS, a highhood KATO NS GP38-2 kitbashed and painted by Scott Teague. And a Conrail Quality C30-7A also painted by Scott Teague. The Conrail is wired backwards and is very interesting.
    I also got 5 unitrack switches and 25 feet of track. I also got an Atlas GATX tank car, a Conrail PS-2, and two sets of NACL containers and a trestle kit. I also got some 200$ for the Timonium show in late January. This was a great Christmas.
  16. Doug Trouten

    Doug Trouten New Member


    Well I didnt exactly get any trains for Christmas, all I got was money, which went towards trains. I ended up purchasing an Atlas Trainmaster (Fairbanks Morse Demonstrator #TM-1), an Atlas GP-7 ph.1 (EMD Demonstrator #300), a Micro-Trains Twin Bay Hopper (USAF #55129) and a Micro-Trains Express Reefer (REA #6116). The two Atlas Engines probly will be slated for repainting into either DFLX (Dragonsfang Leasin, my fictisious Leasing Company) or Canadian National (will be the old Green and Yellow paint scheme).

    Oh yeah I also got some Mini Metals REA trucks , a DPM building (Trackside Transfer Building) and a bunch of Flex Track (for the NTrak Module I will be starting soon.
  17. Scott Teague

    Scott Teague Member

    Santa said they didn't make what I wanted in N-Scale

    SD70 Standard cab, and C39-8

  18. cheapfurcoat

    cheapfurcoat New Member

    Oh, he could make them alright.
    It's just that the elves that can make them are a very special lot,
    and are too busy right now knocking out Tunnel Motors :D

    For the first time in 5 years, I got nothing train related for Christmas with the exception of a Norfolk Southern corporate calender.
    I did get money though, which will go towards the major purchase of track I plan to make soon for the new layout .
  19. Clerk

    Clerk Active Member

    The only train related item I got for Christmas is a solid glass block with a 2-4-0 etched in the center. It is 4 D?? 3 D?? It weighs a ton.
  20. K.V.Div

    K.V.Div Member

    While the wife gave me The N Scale GP9 and 4 Micro Trains cars, she had been bugging me for a little train of her own and, after some searching, I found an LGB G Gauge Christmas Fortuna Santa Flyer and while it is not N Scale, it is her first train (Even if it is a little unconventional) and at least makes her, to a small degree, a model railroader. :) :D
    Happy New Year and Cheers!!!!!!:) :cool: :D :thumb:


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