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Discussion in 'Everything else' started by imavingalaughaswell, Feb 24, 2007.

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    Looks like it makes a nice Model. Bit expensive at £696.10 when you have purchased all the magazines.

    But I wish you all the best with your model and I will be definately watching to see how this turns out.

    All the best,
  3. paulhbell

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    I am also building this, so I have added the above links to my favourites. It will be interesting to see how each model comes out. Are either of you building the remote control version.
  4. Mark_1984

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    Thanks Paul. I plan to install the RC equipment. I'm also wondering about the possibility of RC'ing things like gun turrets, etc. Gonna be lots of space in the hull for toys like that.

    OK - grovelling favour time - would anybody like to bung an entry or two in the forum on my web site. It's looking remarkably bare and needs a bit of a kick start. Thanks :)
  5. an idea for this forum

    okies advise time!!!

    question :-i'm building the bismarck(wooden model) and looking at the parts i got with issue 1 ...it seems that it might be possible to reproduce the model using card and paper ...the ply that the hull parts came from seems to be a simular thickness to corrigated card(boxes).............running to local asda(wallmart) asap lol

    comments anyone?
  6. cjd

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    parallel builds?

  7. paulhbell

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    I also thought about making the ship in card, so I have taken the parts out of the boards and traced them on to card, If I made the ship from card I would want to scale it up a bit more. I would like to scale the card version to 1/96, same scale as my other radio control boat.

    Time is a bit tight at the moment but I will copy all parts onto card for the future.

    Mark, I have also joined your forum.
  8. Mark_1984

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    bloody big card Bismarck

    Have a look at this link - somebody has beaten you too it !!!!
    http://www.kartonbau.de/wbb2/thread.php?threadid=10088&threadview=0&hilight=&hilightuser=0&page=1 (Thaks to Rick for the link)

    Thanks for joining the forum ;)
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    Thanks for the link, at 140 issues I have plenty of time to decide if I will build a card version. I am going to keep patterns of all the parts in case I do decide to build the card vesion.

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    best thing for them part build/collect affairs is to wait for the mag to run its course then buy them i know a stall in my local market that sells out of date magasines for 10% of there start price i managed to get a full wooden cutty sark model for under £15(rrp£150) im sure its not a uniqe idea there must pe places that do the same

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