did everyone stop playing with trains for the summer........?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by ozzy, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. ozzy

    ozzy Active Member

    the postings here have gotten slow here. i can see why tho, i was even MIA for 6 weeks or so, doing things outside.
  2. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Typical for this time of year, posts are down ever so slightly...But, so as not to bore you with statistics and numbers, I will summarize. Although we are down from earlier in the year, which normally happens in the summer, we are running almost double the number of posts every day from a year ago, so we are up significantly.:thumb: :thumb: As a matter of fact, since January of this year, we've been seeing twice the number of daily posts compared to last year. There is no doubt that the Gauge is growing, which brings us back to the reason we needed to change servers a while back.:mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  3. ozzy

    ozzy Active Member

    holy crap!

    i think a single bike would be better for up hill, less weight to have to drag up the hill.

    if i had that thing id just make my wife do all the work........lol

    id only peddle when she was looking,,,,,, lmao.

    or id just put a gas engine on it,,,, looks like theres room for on...lol

  4. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    Didn't Canadian Tire have a device for adding an electric motor to a bike a while back?

  5. Chaparral

    Chaparral Member

    Didn't Canadian Tire have a device for adding an electric motor to a bike a while back?
    I think you're right-it was a roller system that sat atop a tire or something similar. Gotta run it down.

    if i had that thing id just make my wife do all the work........lol
    id only peddle when she was looking,,,,,, lmao.
    Funny thing, she developed a 'back problem' about a week after a 20 mile tour.

    The last few days I've spent tuning the bike up and peddling the neighbourhood. In the evenings we go downstairs where I tinker with the layout while coaching my wife in safe remote control etiquette.
  6. nachoman

    nachoman Guest

    I see bicycles rigged with weed whacker engines around here all the time. I think it's knida silly.

  7. wickman

    wickman Member

    I've been wishing for a nice rainy , my wife wants to go for a motor bike ride every day after supperwall1 . I've been study's my D. Huffman dvd for backdrop painting for the past week, skies are all blue and I now know I suck at making clouds but I think I can live with what I have and am just about ready to try painting some mountains.
  8. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    Yep, that darn summer weather just makes outdoor activities compete with the hobby! Hmmmm, that's probably not true of garden railroaders though!
  9. Cannonball

    Cannonball More Trains Than Brains

    I'll ask you the same thing I ask my employers when they give reports like this:

    "If the company is doing so well, where's my raise?"

  10. zedob

    zedob Member

    They're not silly, they are fun! Well, if you like to ride, work on it, ride, work on it, ride, work.... It's still fun flying by some poor soul trying to get up a steep hill.

    I have one of the chinese engines that looks like a motorcycle engine. It has some issues, but it always starts. The set-up leaves a lot to be desired and must be tinkered with to tune it in. A bike with a full suspension would be nice, but they don't allow themselves to be easily adapted.

    The next set-up is gonna be a pocket bike engine with CVT tranny and full suspension.

    I guess I could go and buy a moped too and forget about the redesigning the motorcycle, but it wouldn't be as educational.
  11. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    And I'll answer the same way our employees answer that......

    "the 8 Foot ladder is on order - to replace your 6 footer" :D :D :D
  12. Cannonball

    Cannonball More Trains Than Brains

    Touche' :D
  13. Glen Haasdyk

    Glen Haasdyk Active Member

    I'll probably slow down for summer. gotta do yard and garden work. But If it gets really warm, the workshop and layout are in the basement where it's cool so that's probably where you'll find me
  14. TruckLover

    TruckLover Mack CH613 & 53' Trailer

    Not me, I am always doing something lol

    Just weathered ny rolling mills up last nite :mrgreen:


  15. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    I like the weathering on that mill Josh! Glad to see some one's active even in the summer! :)
  16. IAIS 604

    IAIS 604 Member

    Hey - I'm on summer vacation, just back from our summer trip to Tucson, and it's getting hot (and humid) here in Iowa -

  17. ozzy

    ozzy Active Member

    yes its getting hot here in iowa, but i dont have a basement, my layout is upstairs. where its twice as hot, but my n scale is a modular, so i can bring one down stairs to work on it.
  18. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    Ahhhhhh, I remember Iowa humidity from my four years in Pella and one in Marshalltown! Its good for the corn (I was always told) :)
  19. myltlpny

    myltlpny Member

    I have a hard time seeing Iowa as being humid. I live on the Chesapeake bay and grew up on Long Island where if you left your shoes on the floor too long they'd turn green. Humidity is just something I've never associated with Iowa.
  20. zedob

    zedob Member

    Humidity amateurs.:mrgreen: Go live in Louisiana where the humidity can reach 100% and still not rain.:eek: Brutal.

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